Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wing updates

#131 - Person missing in Ganga. Often found near Sharav with some sort of weapons ( may be a gun or two) - I dont know.

#130 - Arranging meeting with his female NSS volunteers in some arbit unknown place in Central Library.

#129 - Keeps saying that he is going to blog something whenever I meet him but... ?

#126,127,128 - Fifa and footer - there is no other life in the institute.

#125 - Robotics, robots, robocon, no CG :(

#122,123,124 - we follow the same way as the previous trio.

#121 - what is he upto ? movies ? I dont know.

#120 - there is a talk about his political scandal of getting the water dispenser next to his room
but I think KSR can make a better description of this. He also started worrying about end sems.

#119 - My HS is technology and innovation. Better dont come in my way.

#118 - My girls. My Btech guru. My life.

#114 - I am the eligible Gen Sec da.

#113 - Still feeling about his poor performance in any maths course that he came across. Also, worrying about the reason for his cup in MA101 ( - some kind of hair smell , people said.) Started playing CS to forget it.

#112 - Sleeping (after putting hazar fight for the recently conducted LitSoc events).

#111 - Came to the insti today with high fever. Got something inserted somewhere to reduce the body temperature.

#110 - Designing for shaastra/saarang/mechanica/hostel/gen/personal works. If there is
anything like free time, a post is made in his blog like the one you are reading now.

#109 - Dont open my door please.

#108 - no comments.

#105,106,107 - Typical KKR junta. So again no comments.

#104 - Read my HS short story pleaseeeee.

#103 - how the hell can I comment upon our asst. warden ??

#102 - saw him on the first day of this semester and that is it.

#101 - Fighting with the mosquitoes and enjoying the smell from bogs next to him, this guy ran
out of his daily needs like shampoo and soap.


Harsha Rockzzz....... said...

saava deeeengaavu ra...
were there any verbal abuses to you....???
facts nachchavu kadha janaalaki?

ravi teja said...

hmmm not really .. :) ..
well its a question others has to answer

kasa said...

What abt the idiot that lives in your wing and sleeps in the other wing ??

ravi teja said...

hehe :D i said wing updates lol !
Its only for people in 2nd wing, ganga. Not for someone who often visits second wing, RGs all of us, go to Narmad and mug and sleeps in 3rd wing ! ok ??

rajeevloya said...

mine should be for pratheesh da
#109 watching anime in his room closed from outside

kasa said...

Ravi dont talk of RG. It agitates me. U are the MASS write blogs and you induce others to write and wastes time of infinite people!!
And Now you call me Rging??

ravi teja said...

@kasa - I accept ur deal of me making no more comments on you and vice-versa. So put peace.

karthik tsd said...

mama...dis is tooo much....putting psued abt u n ur room neighbours....

@ kasa :
i agree with u abt Ravi's RG ;)

ib said...

#110 - wat abt the paper-slip-sized chat boxes on the lappy....?? :P

nithin said...

i don't have time to write a comment(it's "technology and Technology" by the way) :P

@kasa:I too agree with you :P

nithin said...

Every one come to acm of mechanica

@ravi:you r gonna face our fury :P

ravi teja said...

@above all - everyone turning against me !? :(

@ib - U r my next target :P

@nithin - mama nenu nee fan ra .. this is too much.. i dint expect this from u !

prasanth said...

firstly..poor fellow 114..has nthng to do with it.and for 111 does everythng wat 128,121,114 do
@ 110..u idiot,,puttin too much psued abt urself...nd dis ididots wallpaper in his lap..has his pic..with THE follwing content
dis is the content in his wallpaper
@120- u beter dnt talk otherwise no vote...

ravi teja said...

@my sweet ass above - Y do u insert ur thoughts into my laptops wallpaper ???

dileep aka hp said...

1.where is karthik's gen aspiration!!!
2.126 is not among fifa or footer junta
3.dont mention abt KKR -you might get really hurt ;)
4.karthik's dispenser scandal is awesome... :X personal pseud....
6.if possible find out ib's secret meeting place instead of tempting us
coming to mine
7.our bog never smell's coz v r all good junta
8.its not the mosquitoes but harry potter movie sized siders r the one's that bother me
9.i ran out of goods bcoz of junta like u...
10.(this one is rather a suggestion) should have written abt my stat msg's..i work really hard for them...the only subject where i'm probable to get an "S"

ravi teja said...

My ten answers to 100 P -

1. its not an update. It is ob at any time. So famous that it need not be mentioned.
3.I have TCM to support me.
4.thnx :P
5.Its my blog after all.
6.IB is not going to reveal it. You can trace him and find out the place. Read a Sherlock Holmes story for fundaes.
7.Thnk u. I am also a part of your "good" junta.
8.Kill them and throw them away and see them in the queen of sheeba list of unusual items. ! Dont reveal such facts dude ;)
10.U got an "S" - thnx for the suggestion :)

dinesh said...

@3.I have TCM to support me.

is TCM your soulmate or something like that to support you forever..!!

karthik tsd said...

i want to make it clear that i m not at all involved in getting water dispenser beside my room...
wat wonders me is that no one is happy for getting a dispenser in our wing which was not there from the beginning of the sem...but everyone is bothered abt its location (i.e beside my room)....actually thats the best possible place for it...

ur 10 comm'andm'ents are awesome ra!!!

dileep aka hp said...

@karthik :
thank u :)
i'm always der to make u people smile

ravi teja said...

@dinesh - ya he is my life partner (gender yet to be decided)

@karthik - there should be a reason to pain u da .. and so u ll be raped whatever be the position of the dispenser.

@dileep - Make me smile when my quiz results are out da !

dileep aka hp said...

the point is not about the position of dispenser....but u took the one in front of my room and kept it near urs and u r still in the feeling that u r doing it for benefit of junta...well what abt this half wing then...
it is easy..... i'll show u mine, then u'll feel urs r better... :P

prasanth said...

rei karthik...yes abt our half wing..!!!
vote kavali ante ma half wing lo pettinchu...otherwise no vote...nd ur d aspiring gen sec nd loya is the eligible gen thnk ovr nd make urself eligible..tomorrow get ready to b raped..!!

karthik tsd said...

guys, i dont think so dis is a place to discuss abt our wing dispenser issues n other hostel politics...
remember this is Ravi's blog...
if u want we shall have a separate blog for these matters ;) ...

ravi teja said...

@karthik - so enthu to get properly raped ??!! I dont understand ! ;)

karthik tsd said...

i dont mean that actually...i dont want junta to spam ur comments with unnecessary stuff like dis...

prasanth said...

@-karthik hm..dis is nt unnecessary sir..these r d most imp matters...tomo..gbm..again ull b raped..!!

ravi teja said...

@karthik - dont RG my blog.. I love to have comments , whatever content they have. :P .. So u need not show so much concern over the spamming of my comments.

@prasanth - dont rape all gen head vols da. Rape only the aspiring and eligible gen secs.