Saturday, December 26, 2009

The state division - 3

Langdon for a moment could not believe his eyes. He thought he was in a dream. An hour back, he was about to swim in his pool at his sweet home but now he was here, in the headquarters of police department, looking at a picture of CM without his nose!

"But I believed the CM died in a copter crash!"

"Thats exactly what we wanted the public to believe"

"Oh my goodness ! So your CM was murdered and you are investigating the case in secret ?"

"We believe so"

"So why do you call me now? After 2 months of his death"

"You dont follow our present history?"
"Switch on the TV" and the constable followed Chiran`s orders.
Chiran continued -
"The day on which CM died, the public were shocked only by his death but this department was shocked by another incident. Immediately following his death, we received a phone call. "

"and what was that call meant for?"

"Play that for our guest"

- "Hello, Police department"

"We murdered your CM. Watch out the fax we shall be sending to you after this call."

"Who the hell are you?"
"TSP - We want Trankana. A separate state for our brotherhood. Or else, no nose shall survive."

The call ended.

Chiran continued at Langdon`s astonished open mouthed face -
"No Nose shall survive ! and that symbol we sent you was found on CM`s face and we removed it to find the face without the nose ! What do you conclude from all these ?"

"This.. is... ridiculous. CM was murdered by TSP !!! My God !! So, now Barcelona is under trouble... A huge trouble.. the entire Government may collapse ! .. " Langdon trying to hold his breath continued - "PCR was considered no more than a mean insect by your ex CM. He always neglected his comments and made him an unnecessary element in the parliament. So, I think in order to take revenge and get back Trankana state, he reformed TSP secretly and murdered him ! Oh My God ! How could I miss that !"

"Everything seems to be correct.. except for what you said was secret.. It is no longer a secret.. "

"What ??"

"Yea.. PCR declared the reformation of TSP with students.."

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

State Division - 2

Robert Langdon was in his swim suit when he received a fax. As soon as his eyes were directed towards the paper, his mind was awestruck. The symbol which he thought was lost and not being used from more than 50 years was lying on the sheet !! The symbol is "A triangle with 2 circles at the bottom".

Robert Langdon immediately recognized it as the symbol of the secret group called "TSP" - Trankana State Party. While Langdon stood there trying to recollect his memories of the ancient soceity, his cellphone buzzed. He picked up the call -
"Robert Langdon ?"
"Its an emergency. We need you here immediately."
"Who are you?"
"I am sorry. I am Chiran, the IG of Barcelona state. We hope you got the fax with the symbol. That has something to do with our CM`s death."
"Oh My God! where should I come?"
"To the police head quarters, Barcelona. Our man will pick you up from the station."
"Fine. I shall be there in an hour."
"Thank you." and he hung up.

Langdon still not able to believe that it was actually the symbol he thought, dressed up and went to the local railway station. At the Barcelona station -
"Mr. Langdon !"
"Please come sir. This way."
Langdon followed.
"Sinoure sir, CI, Police department, Barcelona."
"Robert Langdon, Symbologist."
"We know sir."

At the head quarters -

"Hello Langdon, glad to see you here. I am the one who spoke to you on the phone an hour back."

"Hello Chiran. So, what do you want from me?"

"What do you make out from that symbol?"

"Well, it is the symbol of an ancient society called the TSP - Trankana State Party. It was a group of individuals who share a common opinion of getting a new state , exclusively containing the Trankana people. They rised many agitations, dharnas etc., but the Government during that time, crushed this party and killed its members brutally. Thus the party disappeared from that time."

"Oh it has such a big story ?"

"You guys dont even read your own history?" Langdon laughed and continued -

"The symbol - the triangle with two circles at the bottom, was designed in honor to the founder of this party - Alexander. He had a nose whose size exceeds the maximum limit for a human being. Thus the nose forms the prominent feature of his body. Thus the symbol represents a nose with the two nostrils."

"Well, we heard of the great Alexander but it had been around 50 years since he died right?"

"Yes. But the party did not end with him. He married a lady named Tara and given birth to a son and they called him "Port Chand Rock" , PCR. He too was born with a similar kind of nose. When the Government murdered Alexander, PCR was just a 4 year old and was thrown somewhere in the streets of Barcelona. There was a rumor spread across this state that PCR was always trying to convert people into his ideals and reform the great party TSP."

"We are glad we found our right person."

"What do you mean?"

"See this" Chiran showed Langdon a picture taken by the Police at the Blackline forest. What Langdon saw made him drop his jaw.
It showed the face of CM without his nose !

The State division - 1

Having read three Dan Brown novels in a row, I present myself as the most recent fan of the great Dan Brown. I just want to go in the DB style narrating a story, completely a 'fiction idea' from me.

Disclaimer :

This post is not intended to hurt anyone`s feelings or policies or faiths. It is purely fictitious and any resemblance to living/dead characters or situations is purely coincidental and the author does not claim any responsibility for any sort of outcome.

Prologue :

High above the Blackline forests, moving rapidly through the thick forests, the AW-136 chopper was in full swing. The chief minister of Barcelona state with his two guardians was watching out and enjoying the nature`s beauty.
Then it happened.

It happened all of a sudden. Lone Tiger, the great CM who ruled the Barcelona for more than 6 years saw it. His two guards and the pilot of the helicopter went missing !! The chopter fumbled down its way and was heading towards a hilltop. LT, unable to decide what was happening to him, to his companions and the chopter, came to the conclusion.
This is my end - he thought.
May the state live in peace.
The great leader`s body was crashed inside the chopter. His flesh burned along with the leaves of the trees on the hills of Blackline forests.

Far below the hill, the man carrying the CheyTac LRRS, including Intervention M200 rifle with scope, .408 CheyTac ammunition, and tactical ballistic computer, took out his mobile phone and
spoke -
"Work done. Let the state formation begin."

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chennai Sucks - 3

The next day, due to the availability of train tickets in tatkal scheme on friday, with two friends, I had had to cancel this bus ticket.. !
So much pain of the previous day went in vain.

"Pratheesh" I called.
"Yeah darling"
"Need to go to Coimbed again."
"Have to cancel this ticket ra. Got train tickets on friday."
"OMG! hmm fine. I have to go out to buy costumes for the Choreo night. We shall go together with vols. We shall buy the stuff and send these vols back. Both of us can go to Coimbed."
"Sounds cool ra" ( Our TCM is a SocHeadVol for Ganga hostel )

I contacted as many hyd junta in the insti as I can so that I can sell this bus ticket but again you know, in vain. Finally, at 7 P.M. we took our insti bus to go to the main gate - myself, Pratheesh and two freshies who were soc vols.

At the main gate -
As soon as we got down the bus, heavy rain started ! We waited for 15 minutes for the rain to calm down but its impact increased. We asked our vols to pack and they immediately followed our orders. Me and Pratheesh set out in rain ! Kerchief was the only good thing we had to protect ourselves from the fucking rain ! ( the security guy also failed to maintain an umbrella )

At the bus stop, every fucking vehicle that came before our required bus, spilled the dirty water on the road onto our apparels. Drenched in rain, we took a bus to some fucking place in the old city and got down.

"Mama, we dont have time. Lets take an auto.. if the bill is <=100 rs" I suggested. "Peace ra. Lets do that" he said. "How much to Coimbed?" Pratheesh to an tam auto driver. "250 rs. " "iiliz" we thought. Pratheesh repeated the question to another driver in tam language that he knew. "200 rs" "better fucker" we thought. Finally settled on 150 rs. and Pratheesh agreed to give 50 rs. Good boy. That was the fastest drive I had ever experienced. That driver was really a rat. He drove as if he were a deer and a fierce tiger was chasing him. He worried for our bus more than ourselves. ( Yeah, we asked him to drive fast as we were not sure of the timings of the ticket counter. ) At Coimbed ticket counter , The queue out there was probably the largest in Asia. "What the fuck? Mama, I have Shaastra design work to be submitted tonight.. Have to be back in the insti atleast by 11.30 P.M. " "Wait ! " He took the tickets from me and ran towards the counter. As it was Pratheesh, my work was done in 5 minutes.

We took another bus and got off at the Adyar main road.
"C rocks ?" Pratheesh requested or rather begged.
"Sure darling" I didnt care about my Shaastra Design Cordship work.
We went in wet to C rocks, first emptied our fluid-filled sacks and occupied a cozy corner place.

"1 Chicken Biriyani and 1 plate Chicken Leg piece" by Pratheesh.
"1 tomato soup 1/2 , 1 Veg biriyani and 1 Veg Manchurian dry" by me.
While waiting for our order, we observed that the seats behind us were occupied by 2 young ladies, good looking. But, we were not at all in the mood of sight seeing. 'Eat something and fuck off from here' we repeated.

After 5 minutes,
"Excuse me" a sweet voice called me.
I turned around to see one young lady being absent at the seat and appeared next to me, standing, holding a t shirt. It was from G star raw brand and I already have 2 shirts from that particular brand.
'I dont want any shirts' I wanted to say but that girl appeared educated enough not to be a sales person.
"Excuse me, can you tell me if this shirt fits you ?" A lady dressed in green spoke in candle light.
"Hmm.. of course I can but why ? " Speaking so, I grabbed the shirt from her and put in position to check if I can take it. I actually thought she accidentally bought that shirt which was useless to her and so she is offering it to me.
"Yeah. It fits perfectly well"
"Ok. Thank you." She said and took back the shirt !
"Why did you ask this ?" I said, puzzled.
"I bought this for my brother. His personality is similar to yours. So, just wanted to check"
"Cool. Nice selection ! " I said looking at the dark green shirt with the G star Raw brand name in black over a beautiful design, typical selection of a girl in her teens to her brother.
"Thank you"

Later we packed our meals and it was already 12 by the time we stepped into our campus. We had to walk a long way back to our hostel. We then saw two girls at the main gate bus stop and amazed to see that their faces matched with those we saw in C rocks and I could still see the GstarRaw shirt in one girl`s hands. We then came to know that they were freshies !
"Time to rag?" Pratheesh
"Pack" me
"No buses will come now. You must walk" I suggested to the Gstar lady.
"yea yea.. we know.. but we were waiting for something else" they said.
Me and Pratheesh packed.
"what do they mean by waiting for something else? Boyfriend? " I asked.
"May be."
We finally reached Ganga at 12.30 A.M. after witnessing 5 couples on our way. Two ladies among those 5 were gorgeous.

I went back to my room, switched on my laptop and made the
"Shaastra 6 days to go" ip, with help from ChuChu, with the concept of "six degrees of separation" - Google it.

Proshows brochure for Saarang 2010...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Chennai sucks - 2

4:55 P.M.
The second junction after Ascendas
Me, Pratheesh.

As soon as he said those words, a bus to Coimbed went past us. It was a double bus, by which I mean it had two parts connected by a springy material just like two compartments of a train. We got into it and bought the tickets to Coimbed. The journey to Coimbed in that bus was as horrible as going to Sierra Nevada :P .... The sun sucking its last juice from Chennaites, the heavy traffic and the long distance made me sleep in the bus ! I dont know what I dreamed but a pat from Pratheesh at 6 P.M. woke me up.
"This is the Coimbed bus stand"
Wow ! For the first time in my life, I liked a place in Chennai. It was good. Really good. We went inside and to my surprise, my purse had twenty bucks ! well, just enough to take a bus and go back to iit, how can I buy a ticket to Hyderabad ??
ATM was the immediate thought that crossed across my mind and the sight of the mono-colored-logo of SBI on a board above a room with a machine inside and man outside, came as a relief, as my neurons processed it as ATM.
I took out my card, entered it happily as there was none waiting, only to find
"Under Repair"
on the dumb screen. I wished I could break it open and get all the cash inside it.
"Is there any other ATM near-by ?" I asked the idiot who is guarding a metal box inside an air conditioned room.
"There is one outside I think" he said uninterested.

Me, with Pratheesh, walked a long way to see five people in queue at the Canara Bank ATM which is around 1 km from the bus stand. The guy before us went in.
"Your card was not properly inserted. Please try again." The machine cried thrice.
"iiliz" I thought.
After a long wait and a 1000 bucks vomited by the machine in my wallet, we went back to the place where ticket bookings can be done. The queue at the ticket counter showed an exponential increase. We waited, waited and ... again waited.
The guy in front of us is a man of typical tamil scent, though he knew ABCDs of telugu. He was a country max guy. He started arguing over an already booked ticket with the guy inside those metal bars. The argument killed almost half an hour of my time to get settled. After this heavy and hectic-dramatic consequences of the day, "No tickets on friday" was the response I got.
I cannot afford to come to this place again. So, I booked for saturday volvo bus for a dearly 750 bucks.

We started our return journey.
"Mama, treat for you in Crocks ra.. without you I couldnt have made it"
"Wow! thank you !"
We entered the AC bus and got down at Guindy. We didnot know how to go to the campus.
"How much to iit?" We asked an auto driver.
"80 rs"
"iiliz" we thought. We were at one end of a fly over at that time. We walked past the flyover and asked another auto driver the same question.
"40 rs"
Is the flyover 40rs. long ?

We got into the auto and that triwheel driver failed to stop at the main gate.. instead he turned his way towards taramani gate !
"No C Rocks then ?" from Pratheesh.
"Hmm.. Basera?"
We got down at Tarams. We planned to have puffs at Tidel Bakery... to satisfy our hunger but in vain. It was closed ! FUCK.
Whew !! We could get them easily for 20 bucks each :)
We had no time to go to Basera due to the queen of sheeba which was conducted on the very same day. So we finally landed up in mess.

But this was not all..

(to be continued...)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chennai sucks - 1

During one of the chats with my brother, it was decided that laptop exchange would take place whenever we meet again. Till that point I thought I was always busy and would never go home until the semester ends, but the dream of using a 4 GB RAM , 500 GB HD , ATI Graphic card etc. etc. made me plan my travel to Hyderabad. Since the 4 consecutive holidays are just 2 days ahead, I already decided how much pain I should undergo to book my tickets, be it bus or train.

But the pain was far more than what I expected.

With the help from my dear friend Pratheesh, I started my attempts to book bus tickets as I thought that would be more easier to get. We started at 3 P.M. after getting fucked by our CAD lab mid sem. We reached Taramani and -
"There is a bus booking point right after the junction, we want to get there"
"50 rs" a typical tamil auto driver spoke, while reading a newspaper.
"What !? Its just over there, not even 2 km"
"40 rs. final. Get in"
"Do you know where that counter is? "
"which one?"
"Bus booking counter. Its near Canara bank"
He rode off. He dropped us at Ascendas and said he dont know the way ! We asked him to pack but he didnt untill he collected 30 rs ! Taramani gate to Ascendas - 30 bloody rupees !!
Not only was the money which bothered me, but the unbearable heat, very typical of Chennai that made me loose my nuts. I started believing in deaths due to sun from that day onwards as I had almost experienced it personally.

Somehow we managed to get to the counter. A lady with a saree of horrible color one can imagine, welcomed us in a typical tam style. Firstly, the color was bad. Secondly, it had almost the same dark content as her skin had. So, literally I just saw a black thing moving around.
"I want a ticket to Hyderabad on friday."
"Wait here. I shall check out and let you know"
We thought we are waiting for her to check the buses but no - we were waiting for someone else to come and help us out. Probably, that guy was her husband. He was equally dark and wore an equally horrible shirt. Nice combo, I thought. We asked what we wanted. After using his computer with great difficulty, he finally came up with one solution.
"All the buses are full. A person booked 2 tickets yesterday, for himself and his wife. But his wife is not coming. So you can talk to him on phone and go to Hyderabad with that ticket."
"Why is his wife not coming ?" I asked a genuine question as the situations were getting worse.
"Talk to him" and he gave his phone number.
I took it and we left.
"Will you call?" Pratheesh asked me.
"I dont think I will. Why does his wife leave him ?? What if he is a gay and I sit beside him ?" I will not call him. Going to Hyderabad is less preferred than protecting one`s virginity.
"Suggest some way mama" I begged Pratheesh.
"Shall we go to Coimbed?" He asked.....

(to be continued...)