Monday, December 7, 2009

Chennai sucks - 2

4:55 P.M.
The second junction after Ascendas
Me, Pratheesh.

As soon as he said those words, a bus to Coimbed went past us. It was a double bus, by which I mean it had two parts connected by a springy material just like two compartments of a train. We got into it and bought the tickets to Coimbed. The journey to Coimbed in that bus was as horrible as going to Sierra Nevada :P .... The sun sucking its last juice from Chennaites, the heavy traffic and the long distance made me sleep in the bus ! I dont know what I dreamed but a pat from Pratheesh at 6 P.M. woke me up.
"This is the Coimbed bus stand"
Wow ! For the first time in my life, I liked a place in Chennai. It was good. Really good. We went inside and to my surprise, my purse had twenty bucks ! well, just enough to take a bus and go back to iit, how can I buy a ticket to Hyderabad ??
ATM was the immediate thought that crossed across my mind and the sight of the mono-colored-logo of SBI on a board above a room with a machine inside and man outside, came as a relief, as my neurons processed it as ATM.
I took out my card, entered it happily as there was none waiting, only to find
"Under Repair"
on the dumb screen. I wished I could break it open and get all the cash inside it.
"Is there any other ATM near-by ?" I asked the idiot who is guarding a metal box inside an air conditioned room.
"There is one outside I think" he said uninterested.

Me, with Pratheesh, walked a long way to see five people in queue at the Canara Bank ATM which is around 1 km from the bus stand. The guy before us went in.
"Your card was not properly inserted. Please try again." The machine cried thrice.
"iiliz" I thought.
After a long wait and a 1000 bucks vomited by the machine in my wallet, we went back to the place where ticket bookings can be done. The queue at the ticket counter showed an exponential increase. We waited, waited and ... again waited.
The guy in front of us is a man of typical tamil scent, though he knew ABCDs of telugu. He was a country max guy. He started arguing over an already booked ticket with the guy inside those metal bars. The argument killed almost half an hour of my time to get settled. After this heavy and hectic-dramatic consequences of the day, "No tickets on friday" was the response I got.
I cannot afford to come to this place again. So, I booked for saturday volvo bus for a dearly 750 bucks.

We started our return journey.
"Mama, treat for you in Crocks ra.. without you I couldnt have made it"
"Wow! thank you !"
We entered the AC bus and got down at Guindy. We didnot know how to go to the campus.
"How much to iit?" We asked an auto driver.
"80 rs"
"iiliz" we thought. We were at one end of a fly over at that time. We walked past the flyover and asked another auto driver the same question.
"40 rs"
Is the flyover 40rs. long ?

We got into the auto and that triwheel driver failed to stop at the main gate.. instead he turned his way towards taramani gate !
"No C Rocks then ?" from Pratheesh.
"Hmm.. Basera?"
We got down at Tarams. We planned to have puffs at Tidel Bakery... to satisfy our hunger but in vain. It was closed ! FUCK.
Whew !! We could get them easily for 20 bucks each :)
We had no time to go to Basera due to the queen of sheeba which was conducted on the very same day. So we finally landed up in mess.

But this was not all..

(to be continued...)


ib said...

a really good post especially for a guy sitting back in the insti[me] :(

btw u have posted @ 12/month when u were in the 90's...good post-rate and i think u should put fundaes to nervous-90s sachin regarding this :)

me packing home happy holidays friends(@critics: ed doesn't care spamming :P)

lovely said...

rey what about that 400 beauties of tamilnadu who passed us??????????????

nice post .............

ravi teja said...

@ib - thank you for the statistics.. ! :).. and yea i dont care spamming ..

@lovely - mamaaaaa .. asalu main point marchipoya...

ravi teja said...

@ib - happy journey and happpy vacation !

nithin said...

ur experience was very useful for me in traveling to koyambed :p

were you a bit racist in describin chennaites? but that doesn't matter of course coz that's how they are.

That was another good post(s) but i dont think chennai sucks(does it?)

ravi teja said...

@nithin - I am somehow in the impression that Chennai is the most f**in city ....
may be halucination stage 1 :P

karthik tsd said...

lolz!! :D
u had a gr8 typical chennai experience i suppose...nice post ra...
@nithin : i dunno how chennai ppl actually are...but most of the TAMS in our insti are really painful ra...they irritate a lot..esplly wen they discuss sooo loud without bothering abt anything else n their muggu max nature...