Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chennai Sucks - 3

The next day, due to the availability of train tickets in tatkal scheme on friday, with two friends, I had had to cancel this bus ticket.. !
So much pain of the previous day went in vain.

"Pratheesh" I called.
"Yeah darling"
"Need to go to Coimbed again."
"Have to cancel this ticket ra. Got train tickets on friday."
"OMG! hmm fine. I have to go out to buy costumes for the Choreo night. We shall go together with vols. We shall buy the stuff and send these vols back. Both of us can go to Coimbed."
"Sounds cool ra" ( Our TCM is a SocHeadVol for Ganga hostel )

I contacted as many hyd junta in the insti as I can so that I can sell this bus ticket but again you know, in vain. Finally, at 7 P.M. we took our insti bus to go to the main gate - myself, Pratheesh and two freshies who were soc vols.

At the main gate -
As soon as we got down the bus, heavy rain started ! We waited for 15 minutes for the rain to calm down but its impact increased. We asked our vols to pack and they immediately followed our orders. Me and Pratheesh set out in rain ! Kerchief was the only good thing we had to protect ourselves from the fucking rain ! ( the security guy also failed to maintain an umbrella )

At the bus stop, every fucking vehicle that came before our required bus, spilled the dirty water on the road onto our apparels. Drenched in rain, we took a bus to some fucking place in the old city and got down.

"Mama, we dont have time. Lets take an auto.. if the bill is <=100 rs" I suggested. "Peace ra. Lets do that" he said. "How much to Coimbed?" Pratheesh to an tam auto driver. "250 rs. " "iiliz" we thought. Pratheesh repeated the question to another driver in tam language that he knew. "200 rs" "better fucker" we thought. Finally settled on 150 rs. and Pratheesh agreed to give 50 rs. Good boy. That was the fastest drive I had ever experienced. That driver was really a rat. He drove as if he were a deer and a fierce tiger was chasing him. He worried for our bus more than ourselves. ( Yeah, we asked him to drive fast as we were not sure of the timings of the ticket counter. ) At Coimbed ticket counter , The queue out there was probably the largest in Asia. "What the fuck? Mama, I have Shaastra design work to be submitted tonight.. Have to be back in the insti atleast by 11.30 P.M. " "Wait ! " He took the tickets from me and ran towards the counter. As it was Pratheesh, my work was done in 5 minutes.

We took another bus and got off at the Adyar main road.
"C rocks ?" Pratheesh requested or rather begged.
"Sure darling" I didnt care about my Shaastra Design Cordship work.
We went in wet to C rocks, first emptied our fluid-filled sacks and occupied a cozy corner place.

"1 Chicken Biriyani and 1 plate Chicken Leg piece" by Pratheesh.
"1 tomato soup 1/2 , 1 Veg biriyani and 1 Veg Manchurian dry" by me.
While waiting for our order, we observed that the seats behind us were occupied by 2 young ladies, good looking. But, we were not at all in the mood of sight seeing. 'Eat something and fuck off from here' we repeated.

After 5 minutes,
"Excuse me" a sweet voice called me.
I turned around to see one young lady being absent at the seat and appeared next to me, standing, holding a t shirt. It was from G star raw brand and I already have 2 shirts from that particular brand.
'I dont want any shirts' I wanted to say but that girl appeared educated enough not to be a sales person.
"Excuse me, can you tell me if this shirt fits you ?" A lady dressed in green spoke in candle light.
"Hmm.. of course I can but why ? " Speaking so, I grabbed the shirt from her and put in position to check if I can take it. I actually thought she accidentally bought that shirt which was useless to her and so she is offering it to me.
"Yeah. It fits perfectly well"
"Ok. Thank you." She said and took back the shirt !
"Why did you ask this ?" I said, puzzled.
"I bought this for my brother. His personality is similar to yours. So, just wanted to check"
"Cool. Nice selection ! " I said looking at the dark green shirt with the G star Raw brand name in black over a beautiful design, typical selection of a girl in her teens to her brother.
"Thank you"

Later we packed our meals and it was already 12 by the time we stepped into our campus. We had to walk a long way back to our hostel. We then saw two girls at the main gate bus stop and amazed to see that their faces matched with those we saw in C rocks and I could still see the GstarRaw shirt in one girl`s hands. We then came to know that they were freshies !
"Time to rag?" Pratheesh
"Pack" me
"No buses will come now. You must walk" I suggested to the Gstar lady.
"yea yea.. we know.. but we were waiting for something else" they said.
Me and Pratheesh packed.
"what do they mean by waiting for something else? Boyfriend? " I asked.
"May be."
We finally reached Ganga at 12.30 A.M. after witnessing 5 couples on our way. Two ladies among those 5 were gorgeous.

I went back to my room, switched on my laptop and made the
"Shaastra 6 days to go" ip, with help from ChuChu, with the concept of "six degrees of separation" - Google it.


Kasa said...

very nice blog ra;
Tell me What Prateesh did at the counter?

karthik tsd said...

go pratheesh!!!
pratheesh rocks!!!
nice post...

karthik tsd said...

n y lots of 'F*C*ing' in ur posts these days??...

Anonymous said...

this is no one who you think ok then
send me your email id ....

find way as you can just comment you mail id to me ..

i am waiting hope you are a good boy

ravi teja said...

@kasa - tell u later..
@karthik - Chennai is a F**g city. So, more f-words

ravi teja said...

@pratheesh - its easy for anyone to guess who u r.. so u neednt post as anon !

geethika said...

nice post ravi:)

nithin said...

@Ravi: i finally accept that Chennai is a f**king city,esp after coming to hyd :P .Good series on Chennai.Expecting one on hyd :P

@anon:u r easily recognizable by ur psychic sense of posting. Shywhy?

ravi teja said...

@geethika - thnk u !
@nithin - Posts on hyd shall flow soon... :)

Anonymous said...

as you say i watched man from the earth ........................

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@above - :)