Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chennai sucks - 1

During one of the chats with my brother, it was decided that laptop exchange would take place whenever we meet again. Till that point I thought I was always busy and would never go home until the semester ends, but the dream of using a 4 GB RAM , 500 GB HD , ATI Graphic card etc. etc. made me plan my travel to Hyderabad. Since the 4 consecutive holidays are just 2 days ahead, I already decided how much pain I should undergo to book my tickets, be it bus or train.

But the pain was far more than what I expected.

With the help from my dear friend Pratheesh, I started my attempts to book bus tickets as I thought that would be more easier to get. We started at 3 P.M. after getting fucked by our CAD lab mid sem. We reached Taramani and -
"There is a bus booking point right after the junction, we want to get there"
"50 rs" a typical tamil auto driver spoke, while reading a newspaper.
"What !? Its just over there, not even 2 km"
"40 rs. final. Get in"
"Do you know where that counter is? "
"which one?"
"Bus booking counter. Its near Canara bank"
He rode off. He dropped us at Ascendas and said he dont know the way ! We asked him to pack but he didnt untill he collected 30 rs ! Taramani gate to Ascendas - 30 bloody rupees !!
Not only was the money which bothered me, but the unbearable heat, very typical of Chennai that made me loose my nuts. I started believing in deaths due to sun from that day onwards as I had almost experienced it personally.

Somehow we managed to get to the counter. A lady with a saree of horrible color one can imagine, welcomed us in a typical tam style. Firstly, the color was bad. Secondly, it had almost the same dark content as her skin had. So, literally I just saw a black thing moving around.
"I want a ticket to Hyderabad on friday."
"Wait here. I shall check out and let you know"
We thought we are waiting for her to check the buses but no - we were waiting for someone else to come and help us out. Probably, that guy was her husband. He was equally dark and wore an equally horrible shirt. Nice combo, I thought. We asked what we wanted. After using his computer with great difficulty, he finally came up with one solution.
"All the buses are full. A person booked 2 tickets yesterday, for himself and his wife. But his wife is not coming. So you can talk to him on phone and go to Hyderabad with that ticket."
"Why is his wife not coming ?" I asked a genuine question as the situations were getting worse.
"Talk to him" and he gave his phone number.
I took it and we left.
"Will you call?" Pratheesh asked me.
"I dont think I will. Why does his wife leave him ?? What if he is a gay and I sit beside him ?" I will not call him. Going to Hyderabad is less preferred than protecting one`s virginity.
"Suggest some way mama" I begged Pratheesh.
"Shall we go to Coimbed?" He asked.....

(to be continued...)


karthik tsd said...

hmm...u said u ll post abt dis incident long bak...finally found time for it now...

kasa said...

Nice way of describing. Good and maintain it through out the series.

ravi teja said...

@karthik - yea dude.. found time now..
@kasa - thnk u