Thursday, December 24, 2009

The State division - 1

Having read three Dan Brown novels in a row, I present myself as the most recent fan of the great Dan Brown. I just want to go in the DB style narrating a story, completely a 'fiction idea' from me.

Disclaimer :

This post is not intended to hurt anyone`s feelings or policies or faiths. It is purely fictitious and any resemblance to living/dead characters or situations is purely coincidental and the author does not claim any responsibility for any sort of outcome.

Prologue :

High above the Blackline forests, moving rapidly through the thick forests, the AW-136 chopper was in full swing. The chief minister of Barcelona state with his two guardians was watching out and enjoying the nature`s beauty.
Then it happened.

It happened all of a sudden. Lone Tiger, the great CM who ruled the Barcelona for more than 6 years saw it. His two guards and the pilot of the helicopter went missing !! The chopter fumbled down its way and was heading towards a hilltop. LT, unable to decide what was happening to him, to his companions and the chopter, came to the conclusion.
This is my end - he thought.
May the state live in peace.
The great leader`s body was crashed inside the chopter. His flesh burned along with the leaves of the trees on the hills of Blackline forests.

Far below the hill, the man carrying the CheyTac LRRS, including Intervention M200 rifle with scope, .408 CheyTac ammunition, and tactical ballistic computer, took out his mobile phone and
spoke -
"Work done. Let the state formation begin."


Imran Parvez said...

haha !

nithin said...

yeah......dan brown novels are addictive
passed on by me to u...u seem to have become even greater fan of Brown :P

understood the funda of black line after reading for 2nd time :P

this post=combination of all thoughts in ur mind r8 now,lol :P

ravi teja said...

@nithin - true dude.. I am a bigger fan than u now.. :)

karthik tsd said...

hey...i also recently started DB's TheDaVinciCode... :)
blackline funda is gr8!! :D
prologue awesome...wen r the chapters goin to start?
funny post overall!!

these state division issues from the last 20 days made me feel sick...this is wat i m presently xpecting..some fun on thm to make me feel better!!!

shashank said...

oh !god!! its a true imitation of danbrown style!! is the theme from deception point??

ravi teja said...

@karthik - Thnk u ! and yeah.. my novel is going to be serious but the whole thing is gonna be fun.. :)

ravi teja said...

@bladdy - Thnk u !! and the theme is not from any novel as such.. and I dint read deception point yet.. :)