Saturday, December 26, 2009

The state division - 3

Langdon for a moment could not believe his eyes. He thought he was in a dream. An hour back, he was about to swim in his pool at his sweet home but now he was here, in the headquarters of police department, looking at a picture of CM without his nose!

"But I believed the CM died in a copter crash!"

"Thats exactly what we wanted the public to believe"

"Oh my goodness ! So your CM was murdered and you are investigating the case in secret ?"

"We believe so"

"So why do you call me now? After 2 months of his death"

"You dont follow our present history?"
"Switch on the TV" and the constable followed Chiran`s orders.
Chiran continued -
"The day on which CM died, the public were shocked only by his death but this department was shocked by another incident. Immediately following his death, we received a phone call. "

"and what was that call meant for?"

"Play that for our guest"

- "Hello, Police department"

"We murdered your CM. Watch out the fax we shall be sending to you after this call."

"Who the hell are you?"
"TSP - We want Trankana. A separate state for our brotherhood. Or else, no nose shall survive."

The call ended.

Chiran continued at Langdon`s astonished open mouthed face -
"No Nose shall survive ! and that symbol we sent you was found on CM`s face and we removed it to find the face without the nose ! What do you conclude from all these ?"

"This.. is... ridiculous. CM was murdered by TSP !!! My God !! So, now Barcelona is under trouble... A huge trouble.. the entire Government may collapse ! .. " Langdon trying to hold his breath continued - "PCR was considered no more than a mean insect by your ex CM. He always neglected his comments and made him an unnecessary element in the parliament. So, I think in order to take revenge and get back Trankana state, he reformed TSP secretly and murdered him ! Oh My God ! How could I miss that !"

"Everything seems to be correct.. except for what you said was secret.. It is no longer a secret.. "

"What ??"

"Yea.. PCR declared the reformation of TSP with students.."


karthik tsd said...

lol!!! :D
mama ee posts anni KCR chadivithey keka untundi ra...
keep going!!

ravi teja said...

thnx.. btw who is KCR ?

nithin said...

enti kcr evado teliyada ??
evadu eela veste AP shake avtundo

evadi peru chepte janaalu cheppulu teestaaro

evadi taluchukunte imax lo talli telangana veyincha galado (3d lo vaadi nose ni chudadam kosam janam guarantee ga chustaru :P)

vaade KCR
mind it!

keep writing :)

ravi teja said...

@nithin - nice one dude :) and thnx :)

ravi teja said...

@above - thnk u very much & same 2 u :) .. and btw who is this ?