Thursday, December 24, 2009

State Division - 2

Robert Langdon was in his swim suit when he received a fax. As soon as his eyes were directed towards the paper, his mind was awestruck. The symbol which he thought was lost and not being used from more than 50 years was lying on the sheet !! The symbol is "A triangle with 2 circles at the bottom".

Robert Langdon immediately recognized it as the symbol of the secret group called "TSP" - Trankana State Party. While Langdon stood there trying to recollect his memories of the ancient soceity, his cellphone buzzed. He picked up the call -
"Robert Langdon ?"
"Its an emergency. We need you here immediately."
"Who are you?"
"I am sorry. I am Chiran, the IG of Barcelona state. We hope you got the fax with the symbol. That has something to do with our CM`s death."
"Oh My God! where should I come?"
"To the police head quarters, Barcelona. Our man will pick you up from the station."
"Fine. I shall be there in an hour."
"Thank you." and he hung up.

Langdon still not able to believe that it was actually the symbol he thought, dressed up and went to the local railway station. At the Barcelona station -
"Mr. Langdon !"
"Please come sir. This way."
Langdon followed.
"Sinoure sir, CI, Police department, Barcelona."
"Robert Langdon, Symbologist."
"We know sir."

At the head quarters -

"Hello Langdon, glad to see you here. I am the one who spoke to you on the phone an hour back."

"Hello Chiran. So, what do you want from me?"

"What do you make out from that symbol?"

"Well, it is the symbol of an ancient society called the TSP - Trankana State Party. It was a group of individuals who share a common opinion of getting a new state , exclusively containing the Trankana people. They rised many agitations, dharnas etc., but the Government during that time, crushed this party and killed its members brutally. Thus the party disappeared from that time."

"Oh it has such a big story ?"

"You guys dont even read your own history?" Langdon laughed and continued -

"The symbol - the triangle with two circles at the bottom, was designed in honor to the founder of this party - Alexander. He had a nose whose size exceeds the maximum limit for a human being. Thus the nose forms the prominent feature of his body. Thus the symbol represents a nose with the two nostrils."

"Well, we heard of the great Alexander but it had been around 50 years since he died right?"

"Yes. But the party did not end with him. He married a lady named Tara and given birth to a son and they called him "Port Chand Rock" , PCR. He too was born with a similar kind of nose. When the Government murdered Alexander, PCR was just a 4 year old and was thrown somewhere in the streets of Barcelona. There was a rumor spread across this state that PCR was always trying to convert people into his ideals and reform the great party TSP."

"We are glad we found our right person."

"What do you mean?"

"See this" Chiran showed Langdon a picture taken by the Police at the Blackline forest. What Langdon saw made him drop his jaw.
It showed the face of CM without his nose !


shashank said...

awesome raa!!

ravi teja said...

@bladdy - thnx dude :)

nithin said...

@ravi:U have written in such a way that even Brown will envy u.

Nice funda of nose but if some KCR supporter happens to read ur post he will break ur nose :P

@shashank: write some anime tale atleast ra
try to spread that anime fever of ours to junta. :P

ravi teja said...

@nithin - Thnk u and who is KCR? I dont know...
I wrote about a fictious character named PCR.

karthik tsd said...

sexy dude!!!
u r absolutely rite....who is KCR?? is PCR...
any funda behind Trankana??
the story lines r similar to tht of DaVinciCode...
dis double spoof is goin gr8 together... 1)state division issues and 2)DB's imitation!!

@nithin : read the disclaimer

ravi teja said...

@karthik - thank you and yea nithin should read the disclaimer.. :P

Clicker said...

@ravi: God max! ayina sare "who is KCR?" antava? MUKKU KOSESTHA!!!

ravi teja said...

@clicker - thnks dude :)