Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shaastra 2010 Design

A showcase of some of the posters and other works of Design Team, Shaastra 2010 -

You can use it as a wallpaper on widescreen :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

No one is Legend !

If you are going to read this post, beware!
Certified - A
not for cowards, definitely.

Let me narrate you something that had happened in my past -

When I was in my VIII standard, I had to go to Delhi urgently; me & my Grandpa boarded the Rajdhani express. During our forward journey, there were so-called "devotees of God" who didnt care to give place to even my grandpa though there was some room, enough to accommodate one person was possible. They even used abusive language leave alone giving room. These theists who did not care to help an old man were headed to Tirupathi to seek the blessings of God. On our return journey, our coach was filled with Military men and they kindly helped both of us. One of them with whom I chatted for a long time, told me -
"Believe in yourself rather than in non-existent things like God. You will know what life is"
It was this very moment that I started thinking about the harsh realities in life.

Well, I do not claim that this is the incident that changed my life or something so emotional; however, it did have an impact on me and it was then that I started the habit of practical thinking.

There was once a huge traffic jam in nellore, my home town and nearly every vehicle in the vicinity of human eye was blocked. There was an ambulance which apparently needed to rush to the hospital to save a patient`s life and it was not in a position to move even an inch forward. The helpless driver and the patient`s relatives got down and literally begged for the clearance of blockage and guess what? The blockage was caused by a group of dancing people who brought their "GOD" onto the streets! Apart from this shit, their drum beats caused enough noise pollution to break the drums inside my ears.

Police entered the zone after a while and they gave up saying that they cannot interfere in "holy" issues. It was all cleared after nearly 2 hours and God knows the condition of the patient.

Some people say "mokku" I do not know the english version of this word. "If I get in top 10 in the exam, I will break 100 coconuts for you" - saying things like that is utter bullshit.
If you want to get placed in top 10, work your ass off. How can someone you never saw, you never know help you with that?! It is all in your hands. There are only 2 ways -
1. Work and succeed
2. Ignore and fail.
God doesnt care and let me tell you, he also cannot bear the tsunami of breaking 100 coconuts at once. One is more than enough.

It is your life after all, so lead it the way you want. If you let others like say "God" to enter it, you are not only spoiling your privacy but at the same time, you are accepting that you are a coward. Be a man! Wake up.
People only wear an Ayyappa costume because they are afraid of the consequences of their misdeeds and hope to seek mercy from God; & the worst part is - They feel that there is someone hearing their prayers and forgiving them while the fact always remains that this "someone" is non-existent, imaginary, hypothetical. Poor Bakthas.

People seek the blessings of God for whatever they do/going to do. Let me enlighten you - God doesnt give a fuck of what you do. Take blessings from your parents. No one else on this planet will wish for your good more than your parents.

If we come to swamijis, whoever believes in Puttaparthi Saibaba`s magic deeds, he is an ^$&*$. "He" here refers to both the performer and the audience. One day, he said that he would showcase himself to this world by making his face appear on the moon which drew huge crowds. Later that evening, he packed the idea saying that the "holy" day went cloudy and the moon may not be visible properly. What crap is that?
& Regarding the other swamijis in a similar profession, all I can say is - they are Jaffanandas.

I dont mind people worshiping God as long as it doesnt trouble others.
You may question - who the hell are you to say this?
Well, I am just this common man who gets disturbed by your act of worship.

See a god in your parents. See a god in your siblings; your teachers; in society; in talented people;
but dont see a god in GOD!

You can worship god to get peace of mind; but not at the cost of disturbing others` peace of mind!
Mind it!
@whoever feels this is crap - You know what? I cant see ignorance but I can sense it; Right now in fact!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My first Car model in 3d studio Max !

Finally I am able to render a car in 3ds max!
& here it goes...


Softwares used : 3d Studio Max 2009, Photoshop CS5
Render engine : Mental Ray
Time : 2 days

Monday, December 6, 2010

NKWTD again !

The author is again in NKWTD (Not Knowing What To Do) state, he rendered an image out of the situation itself.

Time : 30 minutes
Software : Cinema 4D, photoshop CS5

How many of you are in the same state now ?!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I`m watching Rakth charitra daily !

RGV strikes back ! 
After people spatting on him and his recent movies, our hero did not care. He came back with a movie which can be categorized into the "extra-ordinary" zone. 
Raktha Charitra

Firstly, this is a movie where you can hardly find anyone with poor acting performance. Rich screenplay and amazing music, forms the other striking features of RC. He breaks the conventional mode of showing the movie title at the beginning. There is an awesome 20 min clip before the actual title appears and the way he narrates how the history began is outstanding!

The background score involves you so much into the movie that you actually feel like killing someone you hate. RGV, with his awesome film making skills made other routine directors spat on themselves. The kind of hard work he did for making RC series is beyond imagination; He actually went to the criminal`s families, enquired about their lives, surroundings etc.,.
Vivek Oberoi - is shown immediately after the title, with "dorikithe chasthav" playing in the background. I really wonder how RGV actually imagined that merely showing a man riding a scooter in slow motion with such a song playing would give you goose bumps! Hats off sir!

Another legend in the movie - Kota; the way he moves to and fro (see again if you havent observed this) is again an RGV typical thought of vilan-ism. His slow and short dialogues are perfect ! Prathap (Vivek) killing the MLA Narasimha reddy was shot with perfection. A peaceful atmosphere was shown in his house, with his wife cooking food, Narasimha Reddy reading a newspaper, and other people outside the house. Suddenly, our hero enters in a zeep, kills him and leaves which supplements the level of rage he has been through since the previous scene (where he describes his anger and killing plan).

Bokka reddy watching the girl on fair & lovely banner on the road, the gang who kills him pushing the ball to the little boy playing with it etc., are the ideas which only a handful of directors can imagine. 

Coming to the so-called contraverseries, "screw media" is the best option to choose. Of course, RGV does that quite often. He had made some groundwork and wanted to show people a movie based on a true story. So, what is the problem with these people? After all, its a movie. Why do people care so much about it? just enjoy the music, screenplay, acting and direction.

RGVs guts are reflected much more when the trailer for RC-2 plays at the end of RC-1, even showing the rele1ase date. 
Waiting for RC-2

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Film incidents are not fake !

What a journey it was!

I never believed in movie directors whenever I see the hero sitting alone in a train and a beautiful girl enters the train and sits next to him and at the end of the day, they get married;
I travelled alone N times but I usually find either a fat old lady or an irritating crying lad next to me. Today, it was different.I checked the names list stuck on to the Charminar express and as usual disappointed to find no one in the range of F17 - F22 nearby my seat.
Ten minutes after the train started, I was there sitting with my sony earphones plugged in and wondering about the person supposed-to-be-seated-in my opposite seat which remained empty. 5 more minutes passed away. The train accelerated and then it happened. I felt some conversation going on at my back and tilted my head a bit to find a salwar kameez. I immediately paused my player to know whats happening.
"Shit we are screwed" one girl said.
"Yea.. Clueless now, I dont know what to do" the girl inside this salwar kameez added.
I heard some more voices saying words like luggage, ticket etc.,. but I didnt bother. 10 more minutes and the issue did not stop, just that the salwar kameez came closer to me by 4.78 cm. Now, I saw a different part of the apparel, that is the front part. Apparently, she has turned around, most probably facing me.
Finally, I could not resist speaking.
I removed my earphones and spoke to her,
"What happened ? Any problem?"
"Err.. Yes. We booked our tickets for Hyderabad Express but we missed it. So, we took this one and since there is no place at all in General Compartment, we came here. If we can find someone who can atleast take care of our luggage, we can manage somehow"
"Ooh.. Hmmm... People going to Hyd are generally in the later compartments, should be from S8" I tried to help her by giving info.
"Hmm..." she was about to ask something but her friend in white top and choclate-brown jeans interrupted.
"Hey, this seat is empty as of now. We can keep our luggage here.. this aunt gave permission" she said happily.
"Cool. Thank you aunty" she replied and they arranged their American Tourister luggage in the place mentioned. They started moving towards the other end but suddenly the t shirt girl said,
"Hey, my legs are paining. Shall we sit there for sometime?" pointing to the place right opposite to me (I am on one side berth and the opposite one was vacant)
"hmm.. okay" the salwar kameez girl said and both of them approached me.
Salwar spoke, "If you dont mind can we sit here for some time?"
Oh my Goodness. It was then that I believed all film directors. Yes, such cinematic incidents do happen.
"Sure. Why not?" I tried to hide my happiness.
So they occupied their seats and started chit-chatting. I did not care and went back to listening songs.
The next half an hour was a visual treat for me. The t shirt girl untied and tied back her hair for a good 20 times at the least. The kameez girl`s face was directly, subtly visible to me and it was flawless. A typical homely look. Both the girls had this typical Hyderabadi feminine touch.
Slowly, I closed my eyes and a moment later, I heard giggles.
I again paused my player. Yea, using mp3 players and really cool. Outsiders do not know if you are listening to songs or listening to them!
"You ask him" Kameez girl.
"No, you tell him; You look beautiful" t shirt girl. Yea, the latter part was right but what are they gonna ask me I wondered.
I kept silent although I knew they had something to share with me until the girl touched my hand to make me understand that she wants to say something.
"yes?" I said.
"um.. You tell" she turned to the other girl
"Hey, aah... er... If TT comes, we will say that you are our friend and we came here to talk with you and that our tickets are with other friends in S10"
I did not really get her concept but I liked the idea of being her friend, real or fake.
"Okay. No problem"
"Thank you... Thanks a lot"

But when TT came, she immediately said, "hey take care of our bags. We will be back shortly" and they left in a nano second. I was left there, like a watchman with two female bags.

They came back after 10 minutes and -
"We managed TT. Happys" she giggled.
"Thats good. How did you miss the other train?" I asked. Damn! What a fucking question! Of all, I better know how to miss a train especially the Hyderabad Express. I missed it a month back and I am asking a beautiful girl how she missed it as if missing trains is awesome.
"Hmm... Thats a big story" and she started taking her luggage.
"Where are you going?" I could not control my anxiety.
"Right there. We will sit on the top berth. Its vacant. We wont trouble you anymore"
"Its ok. I am not getting troubled..." but I was too late. She already put their bags on the top.
"What are you doing?" She asked.
"Err.. Listening to songs" I said.
"Hehe.. no no I meant what do you do? studies..?"
"oops. Engineering. Btech"
"Oh, where?"
"iit madras"
"Aaaweee. We are from Shaastra"
-end of conversation-
-end of incident-
-end of everything-

Shit. I hate being an iitian sometimes.

Whatever it is, a good start for the vacation - a good blog post.
Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What do I post?

Now, what do I post?

4 exams got fucked up. 

Abhinay Sali claims himself that he is creating tsunamis; while the fact remains that Btechs hate that so-called self-named tsunami.

Ganga mechies (excluding very few) are into various awesome just-before-exam activities that include chess, nfs-hp3, football, christopher nolan and non-christopher nolan movies; while the excluded-very-few are into intensive mugging. As they say, there needs to be balance everywhere.

Kasa is creating new folders everyday. 
The new height of craziness - "Kasa is speaking to a girl (read as the girl is speaking to Kasa) for not less than half-an-hour daily during nights."
"Mama, good morninglu good nightlu pampisthondhi ra" he says.

Pratheesh says "I drink. I die."

Btm almost killed Pratheesh when the latter said he hates Nolan.

Bharath`s concern for Sharavites has been increasing at an alarming rate and needs to be taken care of.

Karthik - No comments.

4 holidays for F slot preparation and we decide to put night out on the last day \m/

Finally, All I can say is life is fucked up.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How is a horror movie made?

There is a happy family with a responsible dad, a hot mom and 2 kids, a boy and a girl(Usually the girl being elder). They move to a new house, located far off from the city, for no reason. There are no neighbors, thanks to all horror movie directors. There is usually a forest or some greenery in the surroundings of the house. There is always a swing outside the house that swings without anyone on it. There is at least one huge tree in the area. The kids love to play with toys, especially the girl - she is fond of dolls. All dolls are terrific, I say. One or two servants can also be a part of the play. They have no role in the movie except for a couple of scenes where they fear from something which will not be shown and die brutally.

The first 80% of the movie is the same god damn shit in every horror film. All the family members begin to involve in strange and terrifying experience. The background score is THE thing that plays a major part in all these scenes. It mostly consists of mono/di syllable (- I dont the music-equivalent word for this) notes with low pitch and high intensity.  C`m`n people, try to watch a horror movie mute! Its just as same as a Balayya comedy.

Now, our responsible dad never believes in ghosts and stuff (though his heart slips into his pants in the climax), and he convinces his family members that there is nothing extra-ordinary or supernatural happening in their new home. 
The female lead bathes and comes into the bedroom with less/no clothes and there is one hot scene between the parents just to spice up the horror.
Yup, horror and sex go well with each other.
The camera mostly moves close to the character slowly from the backside. 

The director may bring in one more character who is a swami or something with all weird stuff on him. He murmurs some mantras as if God is speaking to him and tells the hero about his situation and some remedy which will be more stupid than whatever you expect.

Last 20% has the action part, which is the only thing that differs from movie to movie. But the common aspect here is that this will be shot only during nights. Yea, the ghost just creates horror in the day time, and triggers the action part i.e. killing someone only during nights. Its kind of standard timings for all types of ghosts. 

All those previous 80% stuff can be from a real ghost or its pure drama. The whole family surviving hardly happens. Either of the parents die or turn into a ghost. Children go crazy. If it is a RGV movie, all the characters in the movie turn into ghosts or all of them just die. RGV, please enlighten us, do we have a choice of which path to take when we die? 

After the final night`s drama in the house, the screen fades into black and a fresh early morning sun is shown. Everything is shown to be peaceful till the last minute where the director pitches in something that enables to make him a sequel which will be equally/more stupid than its prequel.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wing updates v2.0

  • GRT is in a pursuit of knowing who he is and why he was sent to earth by God; He lately realized that he is a robot. (Factoid: Robots can sleep more than 24hrs a day.)
  • Pratheesh is doing only half of the semester`s credits. He says that is all is needed. There is no G slot for Pratheesh.
  • Kasa has transformed completely into a gay. “I am not getting XXX even on seeing porn, but I am getting it when I see N***" is what he recently stated.
  • Two civil guys roaming in the wing exposing their top has turned into a serious threat for the other inmates of the wing who are always into these naked stuff.
  • Nithin is accused of breaking  the Bro code rules. Volume II, Rule 24 says “No Bro shall fall in love with a second year no matter how beautiful she is. The maximum limit in this context is saying “dude… she is sexy.””  Nithin went to CCD with XXX, a fish vol. (new folder 4?)
  • “It has been one month since I went to ascendas” bharath sadly says; as if he is doing a course in Ascendas and he is on the verge of getting a W grade.
  • Reports said Bladdy came out of his room with newspapers whose number is greater than what is needed to build the strongest paper chair for ID110 project, saying “Mama… I just started cleaning my room. This is just a teaser.”
  • No one is able to understand why elec IB is trying to RG mech junta.
  • Uttam successfully taught a lesson to Loya by stealing his laptop. Next on the line is Nithin.
  • Kasa couldn’t provide justification to his own title The Turbomachine. He secured just 3 out of 5 marks in a slip test. “How can one write about himself?” he asks.
  • People coming out from Pampa entrance said that they called fire engine when they saw smoke coming out from Karthik`s room. It was sent back later when they came to know that the reason for the same was excessive mugging. Kasa suggested to put a cooling pad on him.
  • "We are family" says Karthik, when the profs call Aarya, Geetha and Ajay in the same order.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

17th October, 2010

Life has been bottled so far.
Hope to reflect myself on the eve of my birthday, today...
(The mirror is not too far!)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A lab viva session (Horrrrrrrriiiiible)

Hi friends,
After experiencing an awesome Shaastra 2010, I am back with a new post. More on Shaastra stuff later, but something that happened today made me immediately login to my blogger account and scribble this thing.

I did not really care about the psychic viva for the roundness error experiment until I really experienced it today. Well, I guess that is more than enough an introduction, this is how it went...

ME 21 to 25 are our team members, with 21 being myself.
23 had the first session. Next, it was 24`s turn to get raped. 
Then, I went in.

Thinking that I am 25 while the actual 25 is "Rakesh Reddy", 

Prof invited me in saying, "Reddy?" which I heard as "ready?"

"Yes, sir." I said with a confusion.

"Rakesh Reddy?"

"oops. no sir, I am raviteja, 21."

"Ok. Sit down." He sounded crisp.

Reading the conclusion in my report, his first question was "is that all you concluded?"

I did not know what to reply. Yeah, that was all I concluded; Is there anything else in that shit?? I dont know. I dont care.

After a few normal questions which I was able to answer peacefully and when I started thinking that everything was going well, he started the great psychic show.

"Show this in the graph." He asked, pointing at a value in the table in my report. I took the graph and showed the difference between the 2 plots at that value, which is exactly what he was asking.

"Measure it." he ordered.

I took a scale and found it to be some 7.6 mm.

"It is 7.6mm sir and since in this graph, 5 microns is equal to 9 mm.."
I was about to scale the measured value and tell him, but he interrupted.

"is equal to?????" he asked.

"err.. i mean.. scale.. equivalent"

"Equivalent??? You and this guy have a head, 2 eyes etc.,. Both of you are equivalent?" He asked pointing at one of the TAs. All of us smiled including the embarrassed TA.

After a minute of silence, 
"Ok. Since you used the word equivalent, what are equivalent traingles?"

Is there anything called equivalent triangles? I dont know.
"Sir, if the angles in 2 triangles are same, they are called as equivalent triangles."

"Oh! then what are similar triangles?"

Shit. "Sir, similar triangles are the ones with equal angles. I do not know what are equivalent triangles."

May be he also did not know. He changed the question.

"What is the distance between the cylindrical part and the probe just before the start of the experiment?"

"That is the stupidest question I have ever heard" I wanted to say. All we know is that it is kept at a certain distance before we start measuring the roundness. 
After another moment of silence and a blank face that I put, 

"It will be shown in the screen at that time." He gave a supposed-to-be-hint-for-him while it was pure-bull-shit for me.

"Sorry sir. I did not see." I tried to be as polite as possible.

"You did not see??" He was surprised as if I did not see Rehman receiving Oscar.

"I mean.. I saw.. but I did not observe sir."

This is the moment I was caught! Folding his hands, adjusting his spectacles close to his nose and leaning back a bit, "Ok. What is the difference between seeing and observing?"

How the hell is it related to roundness measurement? Anyways, 

"Seeing is just looking at things and observation is understanding what you see, sir" I replied smartly. Smart enough that he gave this comment which I am currently trying to interpret - 
"As your age increases, your knowledge should increase but it is currently decreasing for us."

Lastly, he asked me if I participated for Shaastra. I wanted to boast that I am the design core but then imagining the consequent questions that may follow, I packed.

That`s it for the day. One hell of psychic melodrama in MSB.

Catch you later guys.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why do you need first love?

One of the most important things a boy has to do, once he crosses the age of 17 is to have a crush on some girl. Now, let us study why this is important.

Graph 1: 

Let us analyze the above graph plot by the author over his years of experience in studying human psychology.
The first major advantage of loving somebody comes from the various tricks you play to impress your loved one. You get out the tiniest talent hidden in you and exhibit it in the most beautiful way possible. As days progress, you develop it more and more to impress her and finally when she ditches you (which happens in more than 90% of the cases), your talent alone remains. Creativity reaches its extreme limits. This is exactly what is explained by the above graph till the end of break-up.

Life is not short my friends. You will find another chick for sure; and it begins the deterioration of your built-up-creativity; but since you have gained experience the end of this period will not match with your beginning stages. It ends somewhere above your initial creativity. This difference in creativity levels (represented by Delta-C in the graph) is called "THE GRT DIFFERENCE". It shows a linear increase with the increase in no. of girls that come into your life. So, in the long run, as the number of girls tends to infinity, it reaches its maximum limit, which is termed as the "ULTIMATE CREATIVITY LIMIT".
Only, the time that one takes to reach this may differ from person to person. Most of the people die without reaching it.

Next comes Money.
I hope the oxford dictionary includes "loosing money" as a synonym under the word "girl-friend." As shown in the graph, it falls badly till break-up and not-so-badly after break-up. (Most of the people think devdas stuff is needed to recover which is utterly wrong) Then, comes ambiguity in the graph. If you can use your developed-creativity in your new relationship, you can peacefully take the orange path which in a way increases money during second-love period. If you fail to do that, red path is waiting for you!

Graph - 2:

This graph, I guess is self-explanatory.

Graph -3:

The graph holds good for all kinds of mobile usage (calls, texting etc.,.) A point to be noted is it remains almost the same in both the first love period and the second love period. (Men are Men!) During break-up, you feel like a cell phone is the worst thing man has ever invented; and if your first love is strong enough, you keep thinking of the times when you both texted the whole nights, her cute voice in the short calls that you made etc.,. all of which is DUMB SHIT, USELESS CRAP.

There are hell lot of more things to explain, meet you some other day!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Making of Inception-Shaastra poster

Long time... No post... Shaastra Coreship explains it all.
After working(read as fart) in CFI till 5 AM, I go to tarams with pratheesh and btm, have a cup of tea, and come back to room. I try to sleep in vain. I try to read a novel in vain.

So, I thought I would make a post on the "Inception" poster made for shaastra, which many people loved.

Here are the reference images:

First, lemme explain the bottom part.
Most of the work is done by clone stamp tool. The background has been neatly extracted by cloning that rotating thingy. The pre-rendered 3d dice was taken and put up in position. It was duplicated 5 times and changing the position, scale, opacity and applying blur in various styles gave it a rotating effect.
The entire image was color-corrected.

Coming to the top part, A plane was created in 3dsmax and the reference image was applied as a texture to it. The word shaastra is created in the same way as the inception is written.

The top part of inception was nicely cloned on to this "SHAASTRA". The toughest part was getting the texture to the extruded part. A part of the texture was cut from Inception and it was transformed using warp & distort and applied to shaastra.
Then, Burn tool does the magic to get a sexy look!

Poster made by : Faheem & Ravi, Design Cores, Shaastra 2010

Softwares used : Photoshop CS3, 3dSMax

Time Taken : 7 hrs.

That`s it for the day...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Heat transfer - Practicals

Aim : To reduce the heat coming from a laptop

Apparatus : A burning laptop, A water bottle, some books

Procedure :
  • Forcibly shut down your laptop. (Yea.. I know that it got hanged.)
  • Tilt it at an angle of 45 degrees with the screen onto the ground.
  • Take a water bottle and fill it with cold water from your nearest working dispenser.
  • Put it on the laptop as shown below.
  • Remove it after 15 minutes.

Other steps to follow :

  • Always use some books to lift the laptop up to certain distance to ensure that air flows through the bottom surface of the laptop to take away the heat. (refer pictures below)

Repeat the same procedure for different laptops under different conditions and record the values.

Observations :

Dell studio - runs smooth for half an hour after the experiment.
Dell inspiron - runs smooth for 20 minutes after the experiment.
Others - runs smooth for roughly 1 hour after the experiment.
My laptop - works decent for 5 minutes and hangs.

Conclusion :

This is an useless experiment.

Caution :

Dont try this in your room.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Devil inside!

Dell Studio
Centrino2 inside
Windows Vista
256MB ATI Radeon Graphics accelerator

This is my laptop configuration which is decent now, awesome an year before. I want to tell you a special mechanism my laptop has developed lately.

My lappy(insti name for laptops) has kinda developed a brain similar to that of a human being. Yea! If not, why does it not work properly for the first week after any journey?? It really has a brain, right?

A few more magic my boy(yea.. he is like my real son, of course with a brain) can perform -
  • It can take a whole life time to log in. So, I will not shut it down at all.
  • I am using my laptop as an advanced Iron Box. (added advantages - Larger surface area; Quicker process due to high temperatures; Economical)
  • You can have your lunch and come back before it opens a new folder. Regarding right-click-menus, I have no words. You can finish your days classes before it pops out.
  • Games? WTF. It transformed from running GTA IV at 1366 by 768 resolution with anti-aliasing checked on and including effects like fog, water etc.,. to showing send error report message on running NFS MW.
  • Approximate study made over this week says that my boy takes 23.94 minutes to open photoshop, 13.2 minutes to create a new file, 38 minutes to save it, and on finally closing PS, it hangs (Thank God, that thing came at the end).
  • The number of times my cursor turns into a circle with a blue gradient rotating at constant velocity exceeds the number of mosquitoes I kill in a day.
  • The definition of a "second" can be changed to the time taken by my lappy screen to make 984256112344492 vibrations for the slightest possible disturbance given to it.
  • Insert a pen drive into my boy and forget it! My boy is highly contagious.
  • I am also using it as a substitute for paper weight (also cloth weight).
There are many other such amazing things about him but he is now feeling shy and tells me that he is gonna hand himself if this post is continued further...

So, now it is no more intel inside. It is Devil inside!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My 3D work on this Sunday!

3D glasses :

3D image taken -

Download the image; Buy these glasses, from me :P;
& watch the flower vase move to the front !!

Three mistakes of my life

Sometimes, life makes you happy; Sometimes, it makes you sad; but there are times in life which makes you DUMB and look like a total looser;
and here is one -

A few days before endsemesters, I got a mail forwarded from Jayanth, Design core, Saarang 2010.
A couple of alumni formed an organization and needed designs for the website and other stuff.
They, being the spons cores of Saarang 2007, naturally opened the Saarang 2010 website and found our Jayanth`s contact up there. Jayanth, who got placed in Shell and was busy with his BTP, forwarded the same message to four of his favourite coordinators, me being one among them. Naturally excited on reading the mail, I replied to them saying that I am ready to work! 
P.S. : Shaastra 2010 Cores were not yet decided by that time.

Days passed by and I became one of the Shaastra 2010 Design cores. Work started immediately. Then, Hell work started. This "hell-ness" or whatever kept on increasing since that day.
As a result, I badly screwed up all my end semester exams. Naturally & Obviously, of course.
Faheem, my Co-Core and me planned to stay back for a few days after the end sems and do most of the vacation works. That part went very well; 
But one fine morning - 

I woke up at 10.00 AM with my mobile ringing saying "98449***** calling"
Hoping to listen to some arbit female voice (kidding), I answered, "Hello"
"Hello, Is this Ravi teja?"
"Yes it is" sadly, as the pitch of the voice was low. (male`s voice)
"Hi Ravi, This is **** from *** solutions. You promised us that you will work for us"
"Ya. The design works"
"Oh ya. Right now, I am outside institute. Can you call me later?"
"Ok. I will keep in touch with you."

Slowly recovering from sleep-hang-over, I remembered that this guy was one of the spons cores for whom I replied long back. But, wait; Did I promise??!

I was stuck up with a hell lot of work at that time and so I did not care about this call anymore. I stored that number as "Dont Pick" and went back to CFI to work.

My mobile sprung to life again. 

Dont pick

was flashed on its 29X23 mm screen black n white screen.

So, as it said, I did not pick.

The same thing repeated thrice.
I got a call from different number, again unknown. Suspicious of this guy, I did not pick that too. This thing also repeated thrice.

This was my first mistake of the day.

Nothing interesting happened again until afternoon when BTM called me for lunch.
"Where shall we fill our bellies?" I asked.
"Hmm.. no"
"too far yar.. "
"not preferred for lunch"
"So we are left with CCD"

That was my second mistake of the day.

& So we went to CCD. It was occupied at every nook and corner. We generally change the venue under such situations. But, as I said, that day was special. I badly searched for 2 vacant seats and at a corner of the air-conditioned room, I found a small table with three chairs, with only one occupied.

I took BTM there and asked the smart guy sitting over there, 
"Can we sit here?"
"Sure" he said and then we occupied the positions.

That was my third mistake of the day.

Half-an-hour passed by with me & BTM waiting for the waiter to take our order and that guy eating his special choclate fantasy with coconut topings and vanilla icecream flavour in front of us. Unable to bear the torture anymore, we stood up and went to the counter to give our order directly to the server. It was then that the waiter came to us and took our order. It took one hour for him to get those stuff on to our table and it was during this one hour that all the mistakes combined into a blunder and made me the perfect "asshole" of the day.

Bored and being in NKWTD syndrome, I started speaking to the smart guy in front of me,
"Hello, are you from insti?"
"I am a passout"
"Oh cool..."
"What about you guyz?"
"We completed our second year."
"Ya! How did you know that?"
"Amazing man. What are you doing now?"
"Established a company named **** solutions"
Tension started.
"Yea.. Why are you surprised?"
"Why are you guyz still in the institute?"
"He is doing a project, an SOE. I am the Design Core of Shaastra 2010(proudly). So, we planned to stay back and do work for a few days."
"Oh thats nice. Are you Raviteja?"
Now, my tension grew into fear and ended in bullshit.
"Yes. I am. May I know who are you?" I sounded like Sunil in Jai Chiranjeeva.
"This is ***."
Fuck! As I expected (& I guess you also expected by this time), he is the ex-Saarang-Sponscore, the guy who is named "Dont pick" in my contacts, the guy whose call is not answered by an idotic ass that morning.

All the days proceedings flashed across my mind.
Why did I not answer his calls?  I dont know.
Why did I choose CCD of all the options? I dont know.
Why did I prefer the same place even when it was at its busiest, which I generally dont? I dont know.

Friends, as the Slumdog Millionare director concludes,
"It is written."

"Oh.. ok.. nice to meet you Mr.*** I am very sorry... & Blah Blah" I told him whatever that came to my mind. It was so convincing that even Aghora of Arundathi movie would give up his idea of sex.

Mr.*** was so cool man. He did not bother about me! He asked me to work whenever I can.
"I dont want your institute work to get disturbed because of me" he said.

Thank God, it was all over. May be it all happened to keep my blog updated!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some recent conversations

I believe I am in iit only when I step outside the institute!
Here are some comments I have come across in this vacation.

A guy(say Mr.X) who secured 4000 rank in JEE 2010 -

X: Will I get a computer science seat in Bombay?
me: why CS and why Bombay? Anyways you will not get what you wanted.
X: My friends are planning to take CS and I like Bombay city.
me: You should have a vice-versa opinion dude! (like CS; friends are taking Bombay)

His father: Please suggest some good branch for my son. I just want him to be in iits. He should have a bright future.
(Most of the iitians know neither present nor future. How can I suggest something for your-son`s future?!)

One uncle with a great educational background -
"It`s a God`s gift for your parents" 

Another uncle, an illiterate -
"Why do you go so far to study? There are many colleges here"

One of my relatives, introducing me to his friend, says "He is from iit, the place where students get 2 lakhs salary per month"

My friend`s hot girl friend - 

My friend`s not-so-hot friend who is a girl -
"Wow! that`s so great!"
(But what is the use??) 

My sir at Orbit -
sir: What is your qualification?
me: Btech sir, mechanical engineering, iit madras
sir: Is it in dilsukhnagar?
me (after a pause): No sir. It is in madras
sir: Oh! madras?! donation seat?
me: !

A fellow iitian - "mama.. common.. lets rock this city!"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A tale to be told...

During a typical sultry afternoon on a hot Chennai day, after a tired-out 8-12 AM classes and an awaiting maths class at 1 PM, its natural for a human being to get frustrated. If it exceeds a limit as it happened in the case of Kasa, worst incidents happen.

12.30 PM
GRT: Rey, pack Maths class. Lets go to hostel. We are in a psyche state.
Kasa: No way; I love maths class and maths prof. I am going.
GRT: iiliz

12.45 PM

TCM: wait, I will buy you a carrot. Eat it while going to class.

& he bought one carrot.

Here is an example of "how to waste stationery" from guru fruit shop:

That 1 Re. Carrot made Kasa do something which he and 2 minute noodles can never forget in their life time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arbit work ( light art )

Arbit time pass:

Camera : Sony 6 MP; 3X zoom; Cybershot Camera
Light source : Torchlight from Nokia 1200 cellphone!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A new dimension

GRT entered into his dream world - The 3D world !

My first 3D work :

Making time : 10 minutes
Render time : 10 minutes
Software : Cinema 4D
Basic fundaes taken from Ganga prasath, Graphic artist, Shaastra 2010.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Google buzz takes over all !

(click on the image for better view)
Arbit Saturday afternoon - day before end sem work;

Software(s) used : Photoshop CS3
Theme : Google Buzz
Funda : Buzz takes over every other time-pass website on the world wide web. It even beats Google`s own products and services!

Keep Buzzing \m/

Friday, April 30, 2010


There is always this day where you accidentally wake up and not knowing what to do, open your blog and scribble something. Well, it may not make a great post but definitely it fills your not-knowing-what-to-do-time. Lets call this habit as "NKWTD syndrome".

Yesterday night 11.30 P.M.
I happened to come across a site; source : a great buzzer! (guess?)
"Rainy mood" essentially creates a sound that has rain effect.
New definition of Heaven : You create a play list for the night; switch off lights; remove whatever you want to from your body; close your eyes with this site on.

So did I. I was close to heaven but something or someone interrupted my thoughts. I woke up suddenly, arbitly at 6 A M which I usually never do, to see my songs play list running for the 6th time, two of my best buddies online, rainy mood still creating a background for my songs and the most amazing part was it was actually raining outside !!!
Everything seemed to be perfect. So, what is my next step ?
I had N options.
1. I can go back to sleep again given the beautiful weather and my cozy bed.
2. I can chat with my buddies some arbit shit which does not make sense to any of us.
3. I can read the chip and photography magazines I bought yesterday.
4. I can download *anything* from lan.
5. I can enhance the beauty of Angelina jolie in photoshop.
6. I can wait for some time to get the newspaper and spend time on it.
7. I can go to tarams and have tea! ( this is awesome but rainy day has its own disadvantages )
8. I can mug! ( yeah.. I have an end semester exam on monday, the F slot exam which I mentioned in my previous post that it is a wikipedia in itself.)

& so on.......... the list is never ending.
If I were a superman I would apply a simple mathematical operation on my options.
sigma(nth option); n=1 to infinity
But I am not.

So, this is exactly what I meant by NKWTD syndrome. I was in the same situation till 8 A.M. doing nothing when Karthik offered me another choice of going to mess for breakfast which did not occur to me and guess what... this was the thing that I did finally!
This was the first time in my history of fourth semester that I had breakfast on a saturday morning.

So, what do you conclude?
If you are in NKWTD state anytime, call Karthik :P

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Singapore Kasa!

Kasa finally gets the chance to study in NUS.

Before results,

"hey ! your chats start with girls pinging you ?? shit! I dont have any girls. I wont stay here. I will go to Singapore."

"Mama.. this prof is making me psyche. I cant tolerate. I will go to Singapore."

"Arey.. wtf ?? Why is she looking at me as if I am a useless country fellow?? I wont stay here. chalo Singapore. I will get a stud GF there"

"I am sick of putitng CG of 10. I will take a break. Enjoy in foreign"

"stud blog posts @ 2 per day from Singapore. Stay tuned"

After results,

"Mama.. I am afraid ra. I dont even know how to stick an envelope. How can I manage in Singapore?"

"Arey.. I should be independent there ra. How to manage??"

"After my return, if I question myself "why did i go", "blogging" should not be the only answer ra"

& here goes the best one...

"Spongy Nithin undadu ra :( :( :( I wont go"

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Courses this semester

A slot :
Linear Algebra or LinAl - We call it "NIL ALL"
Number of classes conducted - No clue.
Number of classes attended - <10

Proof of the above statements :

me: hey hi.. whats the maths portion? ( to a girl of our class )
she: hi.. r u in our class??
me: !! 

Of those ten classes,
Number of classes which I didnot hate - zero.
This class is a source for the neuro-defective-psycho-max virus and it is highly contagious. Nervous system abruptly gets damaged and you will not be able to identify the fact that you become a psycho.
Proof :
Kasa beats Maggi for no reason. ( so hard that the latter`s spects hit the board. )

B slot :
Kinematics & Dynamics of Machinery or KDOMS

Even if the class attendance is 0 or there is a big earthquake happening or the dean himself asks to stop the lesson, there is nothing going to happen with SKP. He is neither deaf nor blind.
Put a big funky ringtone. He doesnt care.
Just walkaway from the class weaving him a good bye. He doesnt care.
Enter the class 2 minutes before it ends and tell your attendance. He doesnt care. ( You will get your attendance too :) )

That is SKP for you.

C slot :
Fluid Mechanics or FluMech
A google group is created and the course goes on with the prof himself being the most active (read as the only active) member of it. The mails he send are a blog in themselves. If he starts a blog, I am sure it will have the most number of hits. Fluid Mechanics is his world. He eats, drinks, sleeps FM. The most recent mail said that there is going to be a movie screened for us. I expected some angelina jolie level stuff but I opened it only to find (i) Laminar and Turbulent flow characteristics - 20 minutes
(iii) Fluid Dynamics of Drag of Fluid Motion - 100 minutes
Did you ever heard of a prof teaching fluid mechanics lessons in the mail ?? I will "report abuse" or put it in spam.

D slot :
Control systems and instrumentation (?)
W grade is generally given to students. Surprisingly, control systems prof got an imaginary W grade from us.
The other prof is a lady and her class has a remarkable number of backbench sleepers ( or even front bench?? )
D slot is meant for creative activities to most of us. Ambigram designing, Sudoku solving, reading newspaper etc., fall into this category.

E slot :
Materials & Design
A water bottle, branded t shirts, posh looks, stylish language, low voice - immediately KK comes into the picture. Yeah, that is all I know about him. I do not know what he teaches. But, I am sure he draws a stress-strain curve in each and every class.

F slot :
Manufacturing technology or ManTech.
Portion of the course exceeds the content of wikipedia. The only reason I attend this class is to say "Yes sir" when sir calls "21".

G slot :No idea of the course name. Some elec stuff. I dont care.

My prof for all the courses (excluding A slot) : BTM
If chacha chowdary`s brain works faster than a computer, BTM`s brain works hell faster than Chachachowdary`s.
For A slot : Konda (!)
Yea, its still a shock to me. He took my quiz 1 marks from 2 to 10 in just an hour (1 AM to 2 AM) before the exam by putting fundaes ! Is he really that Konda who roams around GC with a gun ? I cant believe yar !