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AVATAR - the review.

AVATAR - the movie that made me believe that "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE". To begin with, this is the visual masterpiece that everyone in this world have been waiting and it succeeds in everything it tries to do visually. So, this proved as an exception to the general movie custom - "The more the hype before the release, the lesser the response it gets after the release."

The overall look of the movie is amazing. The special effects are unbelievable. Cameron made me shed a tear and stick to my seat in the theater for roughly 3 hours.
Let me give you a brief review of AVATAR, the new pandora world.

The people:

Director/Writer: James Cameron
Executive Producer: Colin Wilson
Actors: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Michelle
Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel Moore
Cinematographers: Mauro Fiore and Vince Pace
Music Composer: James Horner

The Plot:

Jake Sully, Paraplegic war veteran, is brought to another planet called "Pandora" in place of his brother with the promise of getting his legs back if he helps the Government on a mission, a mission of destroying the alien planet. Pandora is inhabited by a primitive race called the Na’vi and Jake is sent in to learn their ways so that he can help relocate them and the humans can take over. But as the story progresses, Jake Sully falls in love with the Na'vi culture and guess what , he turns against the human race !

The heights:

Avatar=special effects. The SFX are impeccable. They come off effortlessly and the entire story is on the planet pandora which is shown as a colorful and beautiful planet, a complete amazing visual treat to your eyes. And people, how do you take this? - A significant part of James Cameron's mega epic Avatar, with a budget of over $230 million (nearly Rs 1,100 crore) - the most expensive Hollywood movie ever made - has been brought to life by an Indian visual effects company - Prime Focus!

Normally in a film like this, you can see a few mistakes here and there, but I didn’t catch any. From Sam Worthington’s tiny legs to the computers within the scenes – every detail was thought out and used as a part of the environment. Cameron truly created a world of his own, which makes you feel as if you’ve been transported into a new world while watching the film. Even some minute details such as the 'cry' of the aliens are also taken care of. I think it is a 'dream come true' for Cameron.

The performance by everyone in the movie came out well. It’s kind of fascinating to notice the actors emotions through their Avatar characters. Zoe Saldana gave an especially emotional and strong performance, and you never even saw her real face!

It sounds ridiculous, but the avatar character`s hair is yet another detail that really stood out.

Although the story was well told, clean and flawless, it lacked originality. For people who are science fiction freaks, the story of AVATAR appears to be cliche. Avatar runs on the lines of "Aliens are more nobler than humans" which is the hot topic among many SF stories. This, I can say as I have completed SF-An appreciation course in my third semester and moreover, I put an A grade in it :). But with all the time and money Cameron put into AVATAR, I would expect him to tell an old story well. I can see that he took a lot of risks, so maybe asking for an original story was taking things too far…

A white man comes in, learns the ways of a more primitive people, then fucks them over, has a change in heart, and comes back and uses their own ignorance and belief system to make himself a hero. It’s like Thanksgiving all over again! Although this is an old story that we’ve seen many times before and I can’t blame Cameron for coming up with it, thanks to the way of his story treatment.

The first 45 minutes of the film is all about being in awe of the environment. It’s about reacting to everything around you. How to fly the alien bird, how to bond with the creatures out there, How to fall in love with an alien?

Coming to the music, it was cliched and sounded similar to Titanic. People love the combo of Cameron-Horner, but the music could have been better in Avatar.


This is a visual masterpiece and is meant to be seen in IMAX 3-D theaters. If you are a visual graphics lover like me, this movie drives you crazy. Just rush to the theater, make sure to turn your brain off and let your senses lead you into the whole new world of PANDORA!

My Rating: 9.5/10

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Looking forward for AVATAR 2 !

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