Friday, January 22, 2010

I am not responsible !

Proshows cords : T. Raumschmiere, Germany’s most exhilarating Electro-Rocker. Renowned for his hyper-energetic solo live shows, T. Raumschmiere has formed a three piece live unit. The unique blend of Rock and Electro music they have developed in the night clubs of Berlin, will now be at playing Saarang 2010.

22nd January, 2010.
Saarang day 1.
SAC, iit madras.
5.05 P.M.

After giving a fire start to the so-called electro-rock show, T. Raumschmiere may thought of pulling more people into the bowl to get their heads banged. He may even thought of removing his pant and throw it into the head-bangers with \m/ symbols ( he already did that with his shirt by that time ), if there was some increase in the number of rock-interested people. I bet this would be the smallest crowd for any rock show they might have performed till now.
This band came all the way from Germany to India, iit madras and performing a rock-electric show for free !! Yea, the entry ticket was free ; & this was named as mini proshow. WTF.

So, already it was a cup. A big cup.
Now what happened was a grade much lower than a cup. I dont know what to call it.
The rock show started off well with all those lights, amplifiers and stuff.
Suddenly, at 5.05 P.M. , it happened.
The lights went off.
The amplifiers stopped working.
It appeared as if SAC was out of electricity for the electro-rock show !!

Reactions of various people:

Non-iitm audience : IIT - Institute of Indian Technology ! (Was that supposed to be a private joke, right? How did it leak ?)

Frustrated junta : PACKKKK

Noble audience : It`s all about fate.

Rock lovers : Go drummer !!!!
( The drummer did not stop his action at all even after the power cut. He continued drumming, non-stop for 20 minutes without lights and amplifiers !! JAHAPANA TUSSI GR8 HO.......TOHAFA KABUL KARO......

IITM audience : FR cups

FR cords : Equip guys could not provide the right equipment.

Equip cords : QMS cords did not check properly.

QMS cords : Checking is secondary. The primary motive is not to cup.
(Well, then what is the duty of QMS ? :| )

Newsletter cords will obviously make fun of the event.
Every cord blames every other cord for cupping. But is that better compared to "pre-planned organisation" ? Now, what about that band ? Was there any kind of justice done to them ?

It is all just a BLAME GAME.


karthik tsd said...

RAVI...actually i decided not to write comments anymore on ur blog aftr ur last post... :( ...i was really hurt...
but i dunno y i got addicted to comment on each of ur posts...i coudnt resist...
Kudos to the drummer n the rock band u were mentioning n also i pity of them ( no audience)!!!

ravi teja said...

@karthik - sry if i have hurt you in my previous post but please do read the disclaimer of my blog. Anyways, I wont do that again.

lovely said...

i agree with "blame game" !!

quite a bit i like it actually and totally ..........

@karthik / it is not fair of you feeling that in bad way ......

ravi teja said...

@above - thnk u

loya said...

macha this is ob
I agree with you

@karthik:whether u accept or not thats what happens

@ravi:this is ur blog write what ever u can

ravi teja said...

@loya - thnk u ..