Sunday, January 17, 2010

Legendary Secret Society of Ganga

Its good time for Ganga blogging now. The bloggers were united for a cause - to show the world the power of their secret society. For any society to form, something so huge, something so nervous, something which cannot be removed from a human mind, something which makes your adrenaline rush to the tiniest and laziest part of your body, something which will leave an impact on your life that you will never forget till your death has to happen.

It happened.

The last two days of Ganga`s 2nd wing had witnessed an unusual chain of events in the case of Nithin`s missing laptop. Finally, it was found.... ( For details on the case, click here.)

Last night, at #113, when everyone united for a cause, a resolution has been passed by Kasa and GRT.
"Lets form a secret soceity"

We put our hands together and thus our secret soceity was born.

12.05 A.M.
#113, Ganga.

Name and Logo coming soon.

For details on Nithin`s case, check out Kasa`s blog and this blog frequently.

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