Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mechies reactions after watching 3 idiots

After watching the great movie "3 idiots" in Devi Multiplex, the mechies of Ganga hostel reacted as follows.

GRT: I am the Madhavan of the film. Replace photography with design. In future, I will find myself before my dad, with a letter from Rockstar games, saying, "I dont like engineering dad. I want to be a designer"

Pratheesh: One fine day, I will jump from Deans Office and go to an interview in a wheel chair. I will get a job.

Kasa: Bullshit movie da. Lets go to the insti asap. I want a window seat in bus.

"Who are you?" We asked Karthik.
"OOOBB Aamirkhan." was the reply but Junta assigned him the role of Chetur.

People are finding a 'Phunsukh Wangdoo' in BTM.

"What about you?" We asked Nithin in unison.

"Engineering is my passion"


karthik tsd said...

it suckz to the core!!!
:( :( :(

Kasa said...

@ Ravi: When will u quit acads? Plz do it asap.

@ above : Your comment s**ks to the core; I dont use bad words;

ravi teja said...

@ karthik - I am not responsible for ur Chetur status da.. its gen talk..

@ kasa - I already quit acads in my first semester itself...

gladiator said...

i don't think karthik is chatur!!!!

don't you think he deserves more than chatur . so please don't call him chatur!!!!!!!!!!!!!