Friday, February 19, 2010

insti elections - arbit stuff that can happen

  • A first year female contesting for Shaastra FR coreship.
  • GRT contesting for Ganga sports secretary ( His manifesto claims that Ganga will not play Schroeter anymore ).
  • A fifth year 9 pointer begging people for Mechanica ambience volship.
  • Kasa entering insti elections. ( Its worse than the first year female I mentioned before ).
  • Anyone in Ganga doing politics without the approval of Pratheesh( the local don ).
  • 17 people fighting for sports secretary of Sarayu hostel. (A hostel where old aunties are said to live - again, its an insti talk; i.e. this is not the way the author is trying to describe Sarayu)
I would love if readers can add some more points :)


mystery mike said...

nithin contesting for design core-ship(the one where cores are expected to work). :)

monkey contesting for insti gen-sec claiming in its manifesto that it remains in hostels even during classes and holidays(wat arbit is this,IB :D)

prateesh contesting for insti best blogger award :P

hp said...

me standing for AAS :P(but i'll promise that i would try for 33% reservation for girls in jee :D)
P*** sec is anyway ob... :)

bf standing as telugu samithi gen sec...

bharath for HAS(he'll allow men to vindhya and women to himalaya) people will definitely start eating after seeing him :P

pratish for mess sec(his manifesto will be to force the HAS to introduce a new mess HM BASERA ) :P

OH MY GOD!!! THIS IS GOOD- imagine if I become the film club secretary :D

Kasa said...

Me standing for Culsec; Promise to get rid of Saarang;

Nitin for Flim Club; one Naruto movie every week

BBC for gensec: 2 pairs of Bathroom Slippers for every half wing.

Bharath for Insti gensec: 24 hrs Internet for Gtalk services.

Ravi as AAS; EXtra credentials for Blogging.

hp said...

@kasa: nice one ra...

looks like our commnets are getting better than the original post.. :P

Anonymous said...

kasa becoming gen sec in hostel

Anonymous said...

Noooo we want ravi to become gen sec

Anonymous said...

go raviiiiiiii !!! :)