Saturday, February 6, 2010

SEL @ Saarang

I am neither a news reporter to present a report on how the show went on, nor a childish person to describe how-great-shankar-mahadevan-is... sort of stuff. Let me tell you some interesting events that had happened at the show.

The great Shankar Ehsaan Loy set their feet on OAT, iit madras for the Saarang Professional shows. That was the night when most of the people present there probably had witnessed the greatest crowd of their lifetime. More than 10,000 people gathered at the Open Air theater whose maximum capacity is 8,000; to witness the great trio perform live at Saarang 2010.
All their popular and hit numbers including Don title song, Rock on songs etc.,. were performed and I say "Its just brilliant."

After a few hindi songs, regional audience craved for their-regional song to be performed. A Nokia banner was removed and the word "SOUTH" was written on it by a group of enthusiastic audience.
A huge light meant for focusing onto the audience was focussed onto this banner un-intentionally and I bet Shankar saw it; but naturally, he acted smart. I guess you can understand how and why.
Of course, the SOUTH wish had somehow reached Shankar and he performed one song from Telugu and one from Tamil and satisfied the regional junta.

In the meanwhile, me and Pratheesh were dancing, jumping and screaming for those hindi songs whose lyrics sounded alien to us. When I was packed between guru coffee stall and other friends,
"Excuse me" a sweet voice said. I made a 90 degrees clockwise turn to find the source of those vibrations and immediately scanned and processed the presence of two beautiful girls.
One was about 5`6; slim and sexy. She wore a red skin-tight top and the standard blue jeans - pepe London ( yea, I was fortunate enough to look at the brand name ); the other was shorter and sweeter. Her skin was glowing in the dark. She was like Alice in the Vampire-Saga Twilight series by Stephnie Meyer. I wondered if she was a real female vampire.
The coffee smells, the sweat smell of the stupid boys around me, my own dirty smell - everything vanished all of a sudden when these girls entered the scene. A Times of India article that I read a few days back flashed across my mind. It said -
"A recent study says that all beautiful girls have got a natural unique smell of their own and boys just cant take off from it."
My testosterone levels went up.
I just hoped none of the other boys around me would move so that when these gals cross, they might touch me ! (its called "A boyish strat")
"Excuse me" she spoke again, this time louder and frustration filled in her voice, looking at my please-stay-for-some-more-time-face. Pratheesh turned around and stood dumbstruck. 'This idiot with two hot gals??' he thought.
He pushed me aside and gave them way. In a moment, everything returned to normal conditions. I could smell the dirtiness of Pratheesh, myself and others around me.
While I was just about to involve myself in search of the lost sacred feminines, the great Shankar Mahadevan started his most famous breathless track! MY GOOD GOD! After singing for so much time non-stop, he suddenly started BREATHLESS !
I dont know if he stopped his breath or not, but I was sure I stood breathless for his amazing talent.


Hundreds of meters away from this high level enthu max crowd, there was a brilliant lighting coming out from #263 Ganga Hostel. It was partially by the room`s tubelight and partially from the room-resident`s wisdom. He was alone. Page 265, Kalpak Jain was opened.
Studying the "Schematic illustration of a sand mold" seemed more important to him than enjoying the great Shankar Ehsaan Loy show.

He named himself "Kasakh"(inspired by the psychic character "Malakh" from "the lost symbol" by Dan Brown.)
I am a masterpiece. Tonight, my dream of mugging would come true. - he thought looking at his academic-related-tattooed skin.


nithin said...

why is the post effervescing with many strong scents.
you must have watched 'Perfume' with such strong intent :P

every thing else.......typical ravi style......meeting hot girls....and stuff :P
as usual it rocks
'it' may refer to SEL/ ur post. :P

ravi teja said...

@above - u better say WE must have watched 'Perfume' with strong intent :P
Remember? Someone interrupted our climax scene :P

anyways, thnks :)

Anonymous said...

COOL!! Kasakh is interesting :)

Anonymous said...

nice take on people like kasa :)

karthik tsd said...

Shankar-Eshan-Loy really rocked dis Saarang...the trio was simply GOD level!!...i was also amazed by Shankar's breathless performance at the end aftr so much of singing...i think no words cud describe tht show...

i always wonder abt come only u(ofcourse most of the times along with pratheesh) come across such kind of situations with HOT <3 gals!!!?? :P i m jealous of u :P

fianlly nice take on KASA...i loved it!!

ravi teja said...

@anons - thnks !
@karthik - dude.. do u really believe that I come across such hot gals ??? :P

Kasa said...

Saarangs come and Saarangs go......
Cgpa stays for ever!!

ravi teja said...

@above - u r a s**y psycho

openid said...

you know me .......

please feel our smell

m r bharath said...

@kasa Agreed that saarang will come and go, your college life wont come again.
Also u will repent in the future, the pain of which will be greater than slogging for cgpa :)

ravi teja said...

@openid - Pratheesh, u can comment with ur name from next time.

@above - stud reply da !