Monday, March 8, 2010

Mechanica 2010

Here is a brief review of my tenure as a Design core for Mechanica 2010. The following are some of the works from the design team. Kudos to Pramod, Walker, SreeLakshmi and Dilfo for their fight.

Pictures and Videos of Mechanica shall be uploaded in later.

Click on any image for a better view.


ep tee shirt

Ep pamphlet front

Ep pamphlet back

Pamphlet outside

Pamphlet inside

Main poster

Events poster

Visiting card

web banner

Landing page



Mechanica tee shirt

Volunteer badge

Coordinator badge

Core badge

spons tee shirt

Participation certificate

Winner Certificate

Banner 1

Banner 2

Sponsors video

Apart from these, some more banners, maps and spons brochure were made. Most of the works were done in minutes time since the writeups or the info we needed or sometimes the work itself were given late.
After all this, this is what we receive -
"Design cups"
"Design core sucks"
"Mechanica design ! Why do you need it!?"
"Does mechanica design implies that desmod event?"

Anyways, I just dont care them. It was fun carrying 980rs. coupons in my bag in the morning and distributing to coords and having fun at grub stalls. My work during Mechanica was spending my 100rs. coupons and sleeping alone in IC SR hall 2 which is air conditioned.


shashank said...

"Design core sucks"- evadra annadhi, u rock

Jaichu said...

Wow! Nice that you posted the whole range of things you worked on. Too good dude! :-)

ravi teja said...

@above - thnks

Anonymous said...


NJ said...

You are GReaT GRT :)

ravi teja said...

@above- thnks !! :)