Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Conversations - Short n sweet :)

Me: I want to quit iit and take up multimedia courses.
My father: Get a Btech degree from iitm and do whatever you want.


Me: What shall I get you from Hyderabad?
IB: Two undys; size - 95; preferably Jockey.


Kasa(3rd sem): There is an awesome girl from Delhi and I am trying for her.
Kasa(4th sem): Awesome girls need not be from Delhi. They can be from Bangalore too.
Kasa(yesterday): There is an awesome boy in Ganga 2nd wing and I am ..... !


Kasa and HP after fighting so much over a problem in EN lab,
Kasa: Where the hell did you get that answer from ??
HP: Gmail !


me: Why didnt you call me to the movie ??
IB: How can I go with two wives? (Nithin - his first wife)
P.S. - We found Nithin & IB getting up from the same bed on the morning of Feb. 14th, Valentines day.


Question posed: What is an onto function?
me: Every girl in Sharav is mapped atleast to one boy. So, the function from boys hostels to Sharav is an "onto" function.
X: Yes. But it is not one-one function. It is many to one.
Kasa: Guys, it is ANY TO ONE !


Height of Laziness:

IB: "Nithin`s laptop password is "spacebar" !!!"
Btm: "But you have fingerprint recognition right ?"
Nithin: "Common who will go and scratch it. Just hit spacebar and enter!"



hp said...

nice one...
"ANY TO ONE" by 'kasakh' is the second best :P

ravi teja said...


Uday Bhanu said...

hey it is not a function at all, it is just a mapping.

because every boy is having neither a girl friend nor only one girl friend

(basic definition of a function :P)

ravi teja said...

I suck at functions dude..
so call it whatever u want :)

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