Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Courses this semester

A slot :
Linear Algebra or LinAl - We call it "NIL ALL"
Number of classes conducted - No clue.
Number of classes attended - <10

Proof of the above statements :

me: hey hi.. whats the maths portion? ( to a girl of our class )
she: hi.. r u in our class??
me: !! 

Of those ten classes,
Number of classes which I didnot hate - zero.
This class is a source for the neuro-defective-psycho-max virus and it is highly contagious. Nervous system abruptly gets damaged and you will not be able to identify the fact that you become a psycho.
Proof :
Kasa beats Maggi for no reason. ( so hard that the latter`s spects hit the board. )

B slot :
Kinematics & Dynamics of Machinery or KDOMS

Even if the class attendance is 0 or there is a big earthquake happening or the dean himself asks to stop the lesson, there is nothing going to happen with SKP. He is neither deaf nor blind.
Put a big funky ringtone. He doesnt care.
Just walkaway from the class weaving him a good bye. He doesnt care.
Enter the class 2 minutes before it ends and tell your attendance. He doesnt care. ( You will get your attendance too :) )

That is SKP for you.

C slot :
Fluid Mechanics or FluMech
A google group is created and the course goes on with the prof himself being the most active (read as the only active) member of it. The mails he send are a blog in themselves. If he starts a blog, I am sure it will have the most number of hits. Fluid Mechanics is his world. He eats, drinks, sleeps FM. The most recent mail said that there is going to be a movie screened for us. I expected some angelina jolie level stuff but I opened it only to find (i) Laminar and Turbulent flow characteristics - 20 minutes
(iii) Fluid Dynamics of Drag of Fluid Motion - 100 minutes
Did you ever heard of a prof teaching fluid mechanics lessons in the mail ?? I will "report abuse" or put it in spam.

D slot :
Control systems and instrumentation (?)
W grade is generally given to students. Surprisingly, control systems prof got an imaginary W grade from us.
The other prof is a lady and her class has a remarkable number of backbench sleepers ( or even front bench?? )
D slot is meant for creative activities to most of us. Ambigram designing, Sudoku solving, reading newspaper etc., fall into this category.

E slot :
Materials & Design
A water bottle, branded t shirts, posh looks, stylish language, low voice - immediately KK comes into the picture. Yeah, that is all I know about him. I do not know what he teaches. But, I am sure he draws a stress-strain curve in each and every class.

F slot :
Manufacturing technology or ManTech.
Portion of the course exceeds the content of wikipedia. The only reason I attend this class is to say "Yes sir" when sir calls "21".

G slot :No idea of the course name. Some elec stuff. I dont care.

My prof for all the courses (excluding A slot) : BTM
If chacha chowdary`s brain works faster than a computer, BTM`s brain works hell faster than Chachachowdary`s.
For A slot : Konda (!)
Yea, its still a shock to me. He took my quiz 1 marks from 2 to 10 in just an hour (1 AM to 2 AM) before the exam by putting fundaes ! Is he really that Konda who roams around GC with a gun ? I cant believe yar !


rajeevloya said...

so they say there is a woman(gun incase of konda) behind every successfull man

I am sorry for konda

dillu said...

gun really works me gud....