Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Modern Language

Who said chatting is a dumb thing where feelings can not be known ? If one can deeply analyze various chats, the fact that feelings are reflected in the chat language is accepted.

Let us start with "Hi"s :

A girl pings a boy : Hieeee :) - She is cute and she is very much excited to talk to him ( the extent of excitement depends on the number of "e"s )

A girl pings a boy : Hiiiii :) - She may/may not be cute but she wants to talk to the boy desperately. ( again the same thing - extent to which she is desperate depends on the number of "i"s )

A girl pings a boy : Hi :) - She is not much interested to talk to you but she has no one else to talk on her chat list. So, she pings you. You better say bye to her as soon as possible.

A girl pings a boy : Hi - She is forced to talk to you for some reason or the other while the fact is that she hates talking to you. So, its up to you to continue the chat or not.

A boy pings a girl : Hiiiiiii :) - He is the desperate to the maximum extent and the same logic of the number of "i"s applies in this case too. In most of the cases, the boy tries for the girl.

A boy pings a girl : Hieee :) - He is mostly a gay. So, girls better stay away.

A boy pings a girl : Hi :) - He shows attitude and he wants the girl to think that she is not the only girl in his list and that he is busy talking to infinite girls.

A boy pings a girl : Hi - He wants some help from her but he is hesitating to ask.


Whenever a girl speaks to a boy about some other boy,
if the boy replies :
Ohk - "FUCK! Who is that stupid guy?" is what he thinks.
Ohh.. nice - "Pack.. whoever it is.. I dont care" is what he thinks.
what? - "WHAT??!!! Are you saying some other boy`s name to me?? Is this real ??" is what he thinks.

Whenever a boy speaks of another girl ( which generally donot happen ) and the girl replies
Hmmmm/oh.../ohk/what? - "FUCK! who is that stupid girl?" is what she thinks.


When a girl says "I have work" and the boy replies
Ohkkk - "I am sorry to disturb you. Please carry on."
Ohh - "really? or you just trying to escape?"
k - "Fuck off"

When a boy says "I have work" and the girl replies
Ohkk/ohh/k - "fuck off... I also have work"


Standard replies to "Whatsup?" and their meanings -

Girl : nothing much - " Pack da. If you want to say something, tell that quickly. Otherwise, iiliz."
Boy : nothing much - " Please give me time to remember something and tell that to you. In the meanwhile you also think of something... but in either case, please do not quit the chat."

Girl : hey small work. ttyl - "Dont you have anything to do but chatting?? Please leave me alone."
Boy : hey small work. ttyl - "Really important and urgent work. Please stay back for a couple of minutes. I shall complete this asap and talk to you or rather I would pack the work and talk to you."


surprise + acceptance - ohk
More surprise + acceptance - ohhk
Surprise + more acceptance - ohkk
More surprise + More acceptance - ohhkk


Lets end with "Bye"s.

Girl says : Byeeeee [name] :) - She had a nice chat with you and she thinks that is enough for the day. ( The extent to which she is happy with your chat is directly proportional to the number of "e"s )
Girl says : Byeee :) - She is satisfied with your chat and she has got some work now. So, boys - better leave her now.
Girl says : Bye :) - "Phew! Finally its over. I can put peace atleast now"
Girl says : bye - "fuck off. I dont want to chat with you again."

Boy says : byeeeee [name] :) - He has almost confirmed that he is in love with the girl and always wants to be with her but the conditions are so worse that he has to sign off from gtalk at any cost.
Boy says : byeee :) - He had a nice chat with the girl and thinks he is on the verge of getting a new girl friend.
Boy says : bye :) - gay
Boy says : bye - gay


There are many other things that can be interpreted but the post has exceeded the normal limit of words. So, lets meet in some other post on this "modern language" theory. Proposals can also be made in this language peacefully. So, stay tuned !


dinesh said...

wonderful analysis dude...
are these the results of your experiences alone or do they include those of Nithin also :P:P

ravi teja said...

@above - personal experience :|

karthik tsd said...

ravi!!...ulti post ra..its not only ur happens wid everyone..i guess ur analysis is mostly true :D...

Abhinay said...

the post is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
hey the no of e`s replicates how nice the post sorry the analysis is!
i think maggi has a lot to share He has a lot of experience

ravi teja said...

@karthik - thnks dude :)
@abhinay - lol :D go maggi !

nithin said...


I guess The no: of dots and e's signified what i wanted to say

bharath said...

Awesome one ra Ravi...baga research chesinatlu unnav??? ;) even i tooo had some of those xperiences... :) :)

ravi teja said...

@nithin - cool :)
@bharath - yup! personal experiences are equivalent to research. You ll ob have... need not mention that

Dilfo said...

Nice on dude :D

Anonymous said...

hey ravi ur post is as sexy as u

ravi teja said...

@dilfo - thnks :)
@anon - me sexy !!?? lol :D

Anonymous said...

fuck off dude .

RAHUL K said...

came across this blog unexpectedly....found the post interesting!

I'd like to ask you something - What do you think if someone starts a conversation with 'thr?'

Anonymous said...

hii :)
It's awesome!!