Friday, March 19, 2010

T shirts

(i) Saarang vol t shirt:

"Hi whatsup?" I pinged Jayanth, Design core, Saarang 2010.
"Make a vol t shirt"
'shit' I thought but said "ok"

Opened illustrator, took a black shirt template and made a playlist in the windows media player.
No clue of what to do; Volunteer. Saarang. t shirt. So?
"Informal t shirts", "abstract shirts" etc., were googled. Nothing amazing.
Searched my own comp. Found some arbit pic of a tye. Then, got this idea. Why not have a tye on the shirt - making it informal and posh looking! Yeah, took the pen tool and traced the outline. Some arbit brush strokes made a good looking tye.
Then came the Saarang logo.
Then some abstract design at the back and the text volunteer.
Done with the tee.

Then I saw how foolish I was. It was the nicest try for a vol shirt. That many colors would make an exponential rise in the price of the shirt which is to be given for free. So packed some colors and made it like this.

Still, it has n colors.
Jayanth asked me to make the logo like a badge on the tye.
Hmmm may be I can.
This was the result.

I dont know the final output. This is what was made.

(ii) Shaastra vol t shirt:

"Make your unfolded dice idea into a vol tee" Chilli said.
"hmm ok"

'vol shirt?! I wanted it to be a shaastra main shirt. Anyways let me try.'
I imported that unfolded dice into illustrator on a tee template. I spent some time wondering how cool the idea was.
The shaastra dice unfolds to show various basic engineering instruments making the point that "Engineers form the heart of Shaastra" kinda thing.
Well, how can it be a vol shirt?
Yeah, why not?!
Vols are the basic things of Shaastra to happen just like those things on the opened dice are the basic things of any high funda project to happen.

It was lacking something. Then I remembered the previous Shaastra vol t shirts. Each one of them had pseud captions.
"I came. I saw. I evolved."
"I had the strength. I volunteered."
"I made it happen."
All these flashed through my mind.

I thought to think on the same lines. The word "VOL" should be highlighted.
I opened some arbit site and hit the word vol in the search box. It shows all the words containing v,o,l in the same order.
hmm ..
I involved. Shaastra occured. I thought.
Not at all attractive. Sounds country.
I involved. Shaastra happened.
Better but still slisha country.
I finally came up with

"I involved.
It happened."

Sounds cool !

(iii) Mechanica Main tee shirt :

The shirt which showed printing can screw the design to any extent. The color given and the color printed are like black and white combo. I had some 8 hours to make the design.
I wanted to get rid of black shirts. Everyone on my team wished the same.
No ideas flew for 5 hours of intense searching on things such as "mechanical" "engineering"
"cars" "gears" "mechanical items" "engineering drawing" "pumps" "motors" "engines" etc.,.
Then remembered my B slot class. Geneva wheel. The mechanism was simple and striking.
Pistons and mechanical wheel. Lungs and heart.
I realized there was some connection.
A heart that runs on Geneva wheel mechanism and lungs that function with piston mechanism.
Finally created a mechanical body! with the caption 'mecannycal' engineer.

That red color logo of the apparel sponsor on both the arms was horrible. The color of the t shirt also sucked after print. It was some bright greenish thing. No one actually understood that there is a Geneva Wheel on the tee. Everyone started cribbing.
But I personally loved this tee, especially because it leaves the people to solve a mathematics problem !
Yeah, people can actually measure the angular speed required for this geneva wheel taking into consideration the heart beat rate !
I wish someone could solve this simple problem, and yea some Anna university guy spotted my badge on day 2, Mechanica and
"Did you make this t shirt?" (Well, he was actually wearing one)
"Oh cool... ! The idea is amazing. I even calculated the angular velocity required for this wheel!"
"Wow. Great and thanks a lot"
One good comment can swipe out infinite bad comments.

(iv) Mechanica sponsor shirt :

"The TI guy asked to make a shirt da. Please make it by tonight. Make it related to mechanical engineering. Make a good design da. All the cores will get it." Finance Core said.
'tonight?!' I thought.
I randomly searched the pics in my comp.
A pseud max car i used for a logo appeared before me.
Car=mechanical product.
hmm.. nice.
So? only car? Definitely not.
Took the pen tool and scribbled over the screen. Got some good looking design with just lines.
Now time for caption.
"The heat is on" was the first thing that came across my mind when I saw those flames. I do not know what heat was on and why it was on. Its just yet another arbit stuff.
A good color combo of all completed this tee shirt
and the nice part of it, everyone liked it !!!! (It has no funda at all)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I never thought t shirt making was this simple :P
awesome work dude!

ravi teja said...

@above - X-( simple ??!!
anyways thnks :)

karthik tsd said...

arey...u really have a wonderful creative mind...all the tees here are awesome!!!
gr8 work!! keep going!!

click said...

Mama,please make the saarang coord t-shirt that way with the tie,preferably colourful..God level work mama..You deserve the highest

ravi teja said...

@karthik - thnks dude !
@click - cord shirt already made by someone ra.. anyways thnks a lot for ur appreciation :)