Friday, April 30, 2010


There is always this day where you accidentally wake up and not knowing what to do, open your blog and scribble something. Well, it may not make a great post but definitely it fills your not-knowing-what-to-do-time. Lets call this habit as "NKWTD syndrome".

Yesterday night 11.30 P.M.
I happened to come across a site; source : a great buzzer! (guess?)
"Rainy mood" essentially creates a sound that has rain effect.
New definition of Heaven : You create a play list for the night; switch off lights; remove whatever you want to from your body; close your eyes with this site on.

So did I. I was close to heaven but something or someone interrupted my thoughts. I woke up suddenly, arbitly at 6 A M which I usually never do, to see my songs play list running for the 6th time, two of my best buddies online, rainy mood still creating a background for my songs and the most amazing part was it was actually raining outside !!!
Everything seemed to be perfect. So, what is my next step ?
I had N options.
1. I can go back to sleep again given the beautiful weather and my cozy bed.
2. I can chat with my buddies some arbit shit which does not make sense to any of us.
3. I can read the chip and photography magazines I bought yesterday.
4. I can download *anything* from lan.
5. I can enhance the beauty of Angelina jolie in photoshop.
6. I can wait for some time to get the newspaper and spend time on it.
7. I can go to tarams and have tea! ( this is awesome but rainy day has its own disadvantages )
8. I can mug! ( yeah.. I have an end semester exam on monday, the F slot exam which I mentioned in my previous post that it is a wikipedia in itself.)

& so on.......... the list is never ending.
If I were a superman I would apply a simple mathematical operation on my options.
sigma(nth option); n=1 to infinity
But I am not.

So, this is exactly what I meant by NKWTD syndrome. I was in the same situation till 8 A.M. doing nothing when Karthik offered me another choice of going to mess for breakfast which did not occur to me and guess what... this was the thing that I did finally!
This was the first time in my history of fourth semester that I had breakfast on a saturday morning.

So, what do you conclude?
If you are in NKWTD state anytime, call Karthik :P

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Singapore Kasa!

Kasa finally gets the chance to study in NUS.

Before results,

"hey ! your chats start with girls pinging you ?? shit! I dont have any girls. I wont stay here. I will go to Singapore."

"Mama.. this prof is making me psyche. I cant tolerate. I will go to Singapore."

"Arey.. wtf ?? Why is she looking at me as if I am a useless country fellow?? I wont stay here. chalo Singapore. I will get a stud GF there"

"I am sick of putitng CG of 10. I will take a break. Enjoy in foreign"

"stud blog posts @ 2 per day from Singapore. Stay tuned"

After results,

"Mama.. I am afraid ra. I dont even know how to stick an envelope. How can I manage in Singapore?"

"Arey.. I should be independent there ra. How to manage??"

"After my return, if I question myself "why did i go", "blogging" should not be the only answer ra"

& here goes the best one...

"Spongy Nithin undadu ra :( :( :( I wont go"