Saturday, April 3, 2010

Singapore Kasa!

Kasa finally gets the chance to study in NUS.

Before results,

"hey ! your chats start with girls pinging you ?? shit! I dont have any girls. I wont stay here. I will go to Singapore."

"Mama.. this prof is making me psyche. I cant tolerate. I will go to Singapore."

"Arey.. wtf ?? Why is she looking at me as if I am a useless country fellow?? I wont stay here. chalo Singapore. I will get a stud GF there"

"I am sick of putitng CG of 10. I will take a break. Enjoy in foreign"

"stud blog posts @ 2 per day from Singapore. Stay tuned"

After results,

"Mama.. I am afraid ra. I dont even know how to stick an envelope. How can I manage in Singapore?"

"Arey.. I should be independent there ra. How to manage??"

"After my return, if I question myself "why did i go", "blogging" should not be the only answer ra"

& here goes the best one...

"Spongy Nithin undadu ra :( :( :( I wont go"


Kasa said...

Yeah.. you are right! you kinda depicted my true feelings!

ravi teja said...

@above - hmmm... enjoy ra... no worries.. get out of this sucking chennai and enjoy @ singapore !!

karthik tsd said...

lol :D
loved nithins cartoon at the end.. :P
@kasa : i strongly want u to leave from here...peace at ganga hostel & iitm... :P

ravi teja said...

@above - thts not nithin dude .. its KASA himself !!!!!