Sunday, May 23, 2010

A tale to be told...

During a typical sultry afternoon on a hot Chennai day, after a tired-out 8-12 AM classes and an awaiting maths class at 1 PM, its natural for a human being to get frustrated. If it exceeds a limit as it happened in the case of Kasa, worst incidents happen.

12.30 PM
GRT: Rey, pack Maths class. Lets go to hostel. We are in a psyche state.
Kasa: No way; I love maths class and maths prof. I am going.
GRT: iiliz

12.45 PM

TCM: wait, I will buy you a carrot. Eat it while going to class.

& he bought one carrot.

Here is an example of "how to waste stationery" from guru fruit shop:

That 1 Re. Carrot made Kasa do something which he and 2 minute noodles can never forget in their life time.


Kasa said...

And the worst part of it was Every one (including Nithin) supporting 2 min noodles and I became the villian!

nithin said...

@kasa:but the best part is u becoming the 'hero' of the class after the day, i didn't know u had so much support until that day . lol :)
@ravi: just love those 5 min walks from guru to crc . all nonsense talk and the fun accompanying the walks

as u say -i'll just wait for d book

ravi teja said...

@kasa - what does "including Nithin" indicate?

@nithin - hmm yea! lovely walks under sucking sun ;)

I do not know the climax of my book :(

karthik tsd said...

yeah...a tale to be told...but i expected more details...i mean the kinematics n dynamics of the fight... :P the spectacles flying somewhere n all...
i shud ve been in ur class...i really missed something which iz very much worth witnessing... :(
dont play wid kasa...beware of dis guy..srry gay :P !! there is an other side of him too!!
lol :D

geethika said...

typical ravi post:P
writing style real cool.... !!!

ravi teja said...

@karthik - thanks !
@geethika - thank you :) commenting after a looong time..

geethika said...

ya i know:)