Sunday, June 6, 2010

My 3D work on this Sunday!

3D glasses :

3D image taken -

Download the image; Buy these glasses, from me :P;
& watch the flower vase move to the front !!

Three mistakes of my life

Sometimes, life makes you happy; Sometimes, it makes you sad; but there are times in life which makes you DUMB and look like a total looser;
and here is one -

A few days before endsemesters, I got a mail forwarded from Jayanth, Design core, Saarang 2010.
A couple of alumni formed an organization and needed designs for the website and other stuff.
They, being the spons cores of Saarang 2007, naturally opened the Saarang 2010 website and found our Jayanth`s contact up there. Jayanth, who got placed in Shell and was busy with his BTP, forwarded the same message to four of his favourite coordinators, me being one among them. Naturally excited on reading the mail, I replied to them saying that I am ready to work! 
P.S. : Shaastra 2010 Cores were not yet decided by that time.

Days passed by and I became one of the Shaastra 2010 Design cores. Work started immediately. Then, Hell work started. This "hell-ness" or whatever kept on increasing since that day.
As a result, I badly screwed up all my end semester exams. Naturally & Obviously, of course.
Faheem, my Co-Core and me planned to stay back for a few days after the end sems and do most of the vacation works. That part went very well; 
But one fine morning - 

I woke up at 10.00 AM with my mobile ringing saying "98449***** calling"
Hoping to listen to some arbit female voice (kidding), I answered, "Hello"
"Hello, Is this Ravi teja?"
"Yes it is" sadly, as the pitch of the voice was low. (male`s voice)
"Hi Ravi, This is **** from *** solutions. You promised us that you will work for us"
"Ya. The design works"
"Oh ya. Right now, I am outside institute. Can you call me later?"
"Ok. I will keep in touch with you."

Slowly recovering from sleep-hang-over, I remembered that this guy was one of the spons cores for whom I replied long back. But, wait; Did I promise??!

I was stuck up with a hell lot of work at that time and so I did not care about this call anymore. I stored that number as "Dont Pick" and went back to CFI to work.

My mobile sprung to life again. 

Dont pick

was flashed on its 29X23 mm screen black n white screen.

So, as it said, I did not pick.

The same thing repeated thrice.
I got a call from different number, again unknown. Suspicious of this guy, I did not pick that too. This thing also repeated thrice.

This was my first mistake of the day.

Nothing interesting happened again until afternoon when BTM called me for lunch.
"Where shall we fill our bellies?" I asked.
"Hmm.. no"
"too far yar.. "
"not preferred for lunch"
"So we are left with CCD"

That was my second mistake of the day.

& So we went to CCD. It was occupied at every nook and corner. We generally change the venue under such situations. But, as I said, that day was special. I badly searched for 2 vacant seats and at a corner of the air-conditioned room, I found a small table with three chairs, with only one occupied.

I took BTM there and asked the smart guy sitting over there, 
"Can we sit here?"
"Sure" he said and then we occupied the positions.

That was my third mistake of the day.

Half-an-hour passed by with me & BTM waiting for the waiter to take our order and that guy eating his special choclate fantasy with coconut topings and vanilla icecream flavour in front of us. Unable to bear the torture anymore, we stood up and went to the counter to give our order directly to the server. It was then that the waiter came to us and took our order. It took one hour for him to get those stuff on to our table and it was during this one hour that all the mistakes combined into a blunder and made me the perfect "asshole" of the day.

Bored and being in NKWTD syndrome, I started speaking to the smart guy in front of me,
"Hello, are you from insti?"
"I am a passout"
"Oh cool..."
"What about you guyz?"
"We completed our second year."
"Ya! How did you know that?"
"Amazing man. What are you doing now?"
"Established a company named **** solutions"
Tension started.
"Yea.. Why are you surprised?"
"Why are you guyz still in the institute?"
"He is doing a project, an SOE. I am the Design Core of Shaastra 2010(proudly). So, we planned to stay back and do work for a few days."
"Oh thats nice. Are you Raviteja?"
Now, my tension grew into fear and ended in bullshit.
"Yes. I am. May I know who are you?" I sounded like Sunil in Jai Chiranjeeva.
"This is ***."
Fuck! As I expected (& I guess you also expected by this time), he is the ex-Saarang-Sponscore, the guy who is named "Dont pick" in my contacts, the guy whose call is not answered by an idotic ass that morning.

All the days proceedings flashed across my mind.
Why did I not answer his calls?  I dont know.
Why did I choose CCD of all the options? I dont know.
Why did I prefer the same place even when it was at its busiest, which I generally dont? I dont know.

Friends, as the Slumdog Millionare director concludes,
"It is written."

"Oh.. ok.. nice to meet you Mr.*** I am very sorry... & Blah Blah" I told him whatever that came to my mind. It was so convincing that even Aghora of Arundathi movie would give up his idea of sex.

Mr.*** was so cool man. He did not bother about me! He asked me to work whenever I can.
"I dont want your institute work to get disturbed because of me" he said.

Thank God, it was all over. May be it all happened to keep my blog updated!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some recent conversations

I believe I am in iit only when I step outside the institute!
Here are some comments I have come across in this vacation.

A guy(say Mr.X) who secured 4000 rank in JEE 2010 -

X: Will I get a computer science seat in Bombay?
me: why CS and why Bombay? Anyways you will not get what you wanted.
X: My friends are planning to take CS and I like Bombay city.
me: You should have a vice-versa opinion dude! (like CS; friends are taking Bombay)

His father: Please suggest some good branch for my son. I just want him to be in iits. He should have a bright future.
(Most of the iitians know neither present nor future. How can I suggest something for your-son`s future?!)

One uncle with a great educational background -
"It`s a God`s gift for your parents" 

Another uncle, an illiterate -
"Why do you go so far to study? There are many colleges here"

One of my relatives, introducing me to his friend, says "He is from iit, the place where students get 2 lakhs salary per month"

My friend`s hot girl friend - 

My friend`s not-so-hot friend who is a girl -
"Wow! that`s so great!"
(But what is the use??) 

My sir at Orbit -
sir: What is your qualification?
me: Btech sir, mechanical engineering, iit madras
sir: Is it in dilsukhnagar?
me (after a pause): No sir. It is in madras
sir: Oh! madras?! donation seat?
me: !

A fellow iitian - "mama.. common.. lets rock this city!"