Saturday, August 28, 2010

Making of Inception-Shaastra poster

Long time... No post... Shaastra Coreship explains it all.
After working(read as fart) in CFI till 5 AM, I go to tarams with pratheesh and btm, have a cup of tea, and come back to room. I try to sleep in vain. I try to read a novel in vain.

So, I thought I would make a post on the "Inception" poster made for shaastra, which many people loved.

Here are the reference images:

First, lemme explain the bottom part.
Most of the work is done by clone stamp tool. The background has been neatly extracted by cloning that rotating thingy. The pre-rendered 3d dice was taken and put up in position. It was duplicated 5 times and changing the position, scale, opacity and applying blur in various styles gave it a rotating effect.
The entire image was color-corrected.

Coming to the top part, A plane was created in 3dsmax and the reference image was applied as a texture to it. The word shaastra is created in the same way as the inception is written.

The top part of inception was nicely cloned on to this "SHAASTRA". The toughest part was getting the texture to the extruded part. A part of the texture was cut from Inception and it was transformed using warp & distort and applied to shaastra.
Then, Burn tool does the magic to get a sexy look!

Poster made by : Faheem & Ravi, Design Cores, Shaastra 2010

Softwares used : Photoshop CS3, 3dSMax

Time Taken : 7 hrs.

That`s it for the day...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Heat transfer - Practicals

Aim : To reduce the heat coming from a laptop

Apparatus : A burning laptop, A water bottle, some books

Procedure :
  • Forcibly shut down your laptop. (Yea.. I know that it got hanged.)
  • Tilt it at an angle of 45 degrees with the screen onto the ground.
  • Take a water bottle and fill it with cold water from your nearest working dispenser.
  • Put it on the laptop as shown below.
  • Remove it after 15 minutes.

Other steps to follow :

  • Always use some books to lift the laptop up to certain distance to ensure that air flows through the bottom surface of the laptop to take away the heat. (refer pictures below)

Repeat the same procedure for different laptops under different conditions and record the values.

Observations :

Dell studio - runs smooth for half an hour after the experiment.
Dell inspiron - runs smooth for 20 minutes after the experiment.
Others - runs smooth for roughly 1 hour after the experiment.
My laptop - works decent for 5 minutes and hangs.

Conclusion :

This is an useless experiment.

Caution :

Dont try this in your room.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Devil inside!

Dell Studio
Centrino2 inside
Windows Vista
256MB ATI Radeon Graphics accelerator

This is my laptop configuration which is decent now, awesome an year before. I want to tell you a special mechanism my laptop has developed lately.

My lappy(insti name for laptops) has kinda developed a brain similar to that of a human being. Yea! If not, why does it not work properly for the first week after any journey?? It really has a brain, right?

A few more magic my boy(yea.. he is like my real son, of course with a brain) can perform -
  • It can take a whole life time to log in. So, I will not shut it down at all.
  • I am using my laptop as an advanced Iron Box. (added advantages - Larger surface area; Quicker process due to high temperatures; Economical)
  • You can have your lunch and come back before it opens a new folder. Regarding right-click-menus, I have no words. You can finish your days classes before it pops out.
  • Games? WTF. It transformed from running GTA IV at 1366 by 768 resolution with anti-aliasing checked on and including effects like fog, water etc.,. to showing send error report message on running NFS MW.
  • Approximate study made over this week says that my boy takes 23.94 minutes to open photoshop, 13.2 minutes to create a new file, 38 minutes to save it, and on finally closing PS, it hangs (Thank God, that thing came at the end).
  • The number of times my cursor turns into a circle with a blue gradient rotating at constant velocity exceeds the number of mosquitoes I kill in a day.
  • The definition of a "second" can be changed to the time taken by my lappy screen to make 984256112344492 vibrations for the slightest possible disturbance given to it.
  • Insert a pen drive into my boy and forget it! My boy is highly contagious.
  • I am also using it as a substitute for paper weight (also cloth weight).
There are many other such amazing things about him but he is now feeling shy and tells me that he is gonna hand himself if this post is continued further...

So, now it is no more intel inside. It is Devil inside!