Sunday, August 8, 2010

Heat transfer - Practicals

Aim : To reduce the heat coming from a laptop

Apparatus : A burning laptop, A water bottle, some books

Procedure :
  • Forcibly shut down your laptop. (Yea.. I know that it got hanged.)
  • Tilt it at an angle of 45 degrees with the screen onto the ground.
  • Take a water bottle and fill it with cold water from your nearest working dispenser.
  • Put it on the laptop as shown below.
  • Remove it after 15 minutes.

Other steps to follow :

  • Always use some books to lift the laptop up to certain distance to ensure that air flows through the bottom surface of the laptop to take away the heat. (refer pictures below)

Repeat the same procedure for different laptops under different conditions and record the values.

Observations :

Dell studio - runs smooth for half an hour after the experiment.
Dell inspiron - runs smooth for 20 minutes after the experiment.
Others - runs smooth for roughly 1 hour after the experiment.
My laptop - works decent for 5 minutes and hangs.

Conclusion :

This is an useless experiment.

Caution :

Dont try this in your room.


fae said...

You know those cheapo folders that you can stick papers in? Why not put that on your lap, and then put the laptop on top of that?
No burning your lap! ^_^

ravi teja said...

@above -
what are those cheapo folders ?? I have no clue..

and may I know who this is...

Anonymous said...