Saturday, August 28, 2010

Making of Inception-Shaastra poster

Long time... No post... Shaastra Coreship explains it all.
After working(read as fart) in CFI till 5 AM, I go to tarams with pratheesh and btm, have a cup of tea, and come back to room. I try to sleep in vain. I try to read a novel in vain.

So, I thought I would make a post on the "Inception" poster made for shaastra, which many people loved.

Here are the reference images:

First, lemme explain the bottom part.
Most of the work is done by clone stamp tool. The background has been neatly extracted by cloning that rotating thingy. The pre-rendered 3d dice was taken and put up in position. It was duplicated 5 times and changing the position, scale, opacity and applying blur in various styles gave it a rotating effect.
The entire image was color-corrected.

Coming to the top part, A plane was created in 3dsmax and the reference image was applied as a texture to it. The word shaastra is created in the same way as the inception is written.

The top part of inception was nicely cloned on to this "SHAASTRA". The toughest part was getting the texture to the extruded part. A part of the texture was cut from Inception and it was transformed using warp & distort and applied to shaastra.
Then, Burn tool does the magic to get a sexy look!

Poster made by : Faheem & Ravi, Design Cores, Shaastra 2010

Softwares used : Photoshop CS3, 3dSMax

Time Taken : 7 hrs.

That`s it for the day...


madhav said...
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madhav said...

gr8 work...saw d t shirt wen i came 4 shaastra