Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why do you need first love?

One of the most important things a boy has to do, once he crosses the age of 17 is to have a crush on some girl. Now, let us study why this is important.

Graph 1: 

Let us analyze the above graph plot by the author over his years of experience in studying human psychology.
The first major advantage of loving somebody comes from the various tricks you play to impress your loved one. You get out the tiniest talent hidden in you and exhibit it in the most beautiful way possible. As days progress, you develop it more and more to impress her and finally when she ditches you (which happens in more than 90% of the cases), your talent alone remains. Creativity reaches its extreme limits. This is exactly what is explained by the above graph till the end of break-up.

Life is not short my friends. You will find another chick for sure; and it begins the deterioration of your built-up-creativity; but since you have gained experience the end of this period will not match with your beginning stages. It ends somewhere above your initial creativity. This difference in creativity levels (represented by Delta-C in the graph) is called "THE GRT DIFFERENCE". It shows a linear increase with the increase in no. of girls that come into your life. So, in the long run, as the number of girls tends to infinity, it reaches its maximum limit, which is termed as the "ULTIMATE CREATIVITY LIMIT".
Only, the time that one takes to reach this may differ from person to person. Most of the people die without reaching it.

Next comes Money.
I hope the oxford dictionary includes "loosing money" as a synonym under the word "girl-friend." As shown in the graph, it falls badly till break-up and not-so-badly after break-up. (Most of the people think devdas stuff is needed to recover which is utterly wrong) Then, comes ambiguity in the graph. If you can use your developed-creativity in your new relationship, you can peacefully take the orange path which in a way increases money during second-love period. If you fail to do that, red path is waiting for you!

Graph - 2:

This graph, I guess is self-explanatory.

Graph -3:

The graph holds good for all kinds of mobile usage (calls, texting etc.,.) A point to be noted is it remains almost the same in both the first love period and the second love period. (Men are Men!) During break-up, you feel like a cell phone is the worst thing man has ever invented; and if your first love is strong enough, you keep thinking of the times when you both texted the whole nights, her cute voice in the short calls that you made etc.,. all of which is DUMB SHIT, USELESS CRAP.

There are hell lot of more things to explain, meet you some other day!


ravi teja said...

In the second graph, during second love, the red bar is also significantly high. I forgot to explain the reason for the same.
When you are trying to impress a new girl, you want to show that you are being-successful to your ex; So you also keep in touch with her...

If at all the red bar exceeds the maroon bar here, its porn.

dinesh said...

awesome post dude..creativity at maximum...
this implies that you have had proportional number of relationships :)
isnt it!!

karthik tsd said...

i somehow strongly feel that u r in a stage of break up da...quite eveident from urr busy design work...hope so u soon find ur new love!! :P

ravi teja said...

@dinesh - Thank you :) Yes, I did have :P

@karthik - You still have to study a lot of human psychology dude... You made a wrong guess ;)

rajeevloya said...

awesome post ra

i guess you'll get msgs from ur exes one day in ur class :P

ravi teja said...

@above - thank you and fuck you :P

Anonymous said...

@ ravi : Mama..Nijamaga ammailu phonulu chestara?? aa texting anta real life lona leda fictional aa??

ravi teja said...

@above - who the hell are you?
Anyways, I dont believe in fiction. Fiction is always created from real life.

dileep aka hp said...

dude... what about the case where you get a rich gf and she spends on you??

ravi teja said...

@dileep - Never came across such a situation.. ll let you know if I get one hot n rich chick :P

anyways, nice thinking mama :P

karthik tsd said...

I know I 'm an amateur at these kind of stuff...and hence probably made a wrong guess...will come to u for some fundaes.. :D
One thing I 'm sure is that the above post is not a result of observing human psychology alone as u have claimed it to be...obviously there must have been some sheer experience involved..the post would have been awesome if u had quoted some experiences of ur life in it.. :P

ravi teja said...

wait for my future posts..