Saturday, November 27, 2010

What do I post?

Now, what do I post?

4 exams got fucked up. 

Abhinay Sali claims himself that he is creating tsunamis; while the fact remains that Btechs hate that so-called self-named tsunami.

Ganga mechies (excluding very few) are into various awesome just-before-exam activities that include chess, nfs-hp3, football, christopher nolan and non-christopher nolan movies; while the excluded-very-few are into intensive mugging. As they say, there needs to be balance everywhere.

Kasa is creating new folders everyday. 
The new height of craziness - "Kasa is speaking to a girl (read as the girl is speaking to Kasa) for not less than half-an-hour daily during nights."
"Mama, good morninglu good nightlu pampisthondhi ra" he says.

Pratheesh says "I drink. I die."

Btm almost killed Pratheesh when the latter said he hates Nolan.

Bharath`s concern for Sharavites has been increasing at an alarming rate and needs to be taken care of.

Karthik - No comments.

4 holidays for F slot preparation and we decide to put night out on the last day \m/

Finally, All I can say is life is fucked up.