Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Film incidents are not fake !

What a journey it was!

I never believed in movie directors whenever I see the hero sitting alone in a train and a beautiful girl enters the train and sits next to him and at the end of the day, they get married;
I travelled alone N times but I usually find either a fat old lady or an irritating crying lad next to me. Today, it was different.I checked the names list stuck on to the Charminar express and as usual disappointed to find no one in the range of F17 - F22 nearby my seat.
Ten minutes after the train started, I was there sitting with my sony earphones plugged in and wondering about the person supposed-to-be-seated-in my opposite seat which remained empty. 5 more minutes passed away. The train accelerated and then it happened. I felt some conversation going on at my back and tilted my head a bit to find a salwar kameez. I immediately paused my player to know whats happening.
"Shit we are screwed" one girl said.
"Yea.. Clueless now, I dont know what to do" the girl inside this salwar kameez added.
I heard some more voices saying words like luggage, ticket etc.,. but I didnt bother. 10 more minutes and the issue did not stop, just that the salwar kameez came closer to me by 4.78 cm. Now, I saw a different part of the apparel, that is the front part. Apparently, she has turned around, most probably facing me.
Finally, I could not resist speaking.
I removed my earphones and spoke to her,
"What happened ? Any problem?"
"Err.. Yes. We booked our tickets for Hyderabad Express but we missed it. So, we took this one and since there is no place at all in General Compartment, we came here. If we can find someone who can atleast take care of our luggage, we can manage somehow"
"Ooh.. Hmmm... People going to Hyd are generally in the later compartments, should be from S8" I tried to help her by giving info.
"Hmm..." she was about to ask something but her friend in white top and choclate-brown jeans interrupted.
"Hey, this seat is empty as of now. We can keep our luggage here.. this aunt gave permission" she said happily.
"Cool. Thank you aunty" she replied and they arranged their American Tourister luggage in the place mentioned. They started moving towards the other end but suddenly the t shirt girl said,
"Hey, my legs are paining. Shall we sit there for sometime?" pointing to the place right opposite to me (I am on one side berth and the opposite one was vacant)
"hmm.. okay" the salwar kameez girl said and both of them approached me.
Salwar spoke, "If you dont mind can we sit here for some time?"
Oh my Goodness. It was then that I believed all film directors. Yes, such cinematic incidents do happen.
"Sure. Why not?" I tried to hide my happiness.
So they occupied their seats and started chit-chatting. I did not care and went back to listening songs.
The next half an hour was a visual treat for me. The t shirt girl untied and tied back her hair for a good 20 times at the least. The kameez girl`s face was directly, subtly visible to me and it was flawless. A typical homely look. Both the girls had this typical Hyderabadi feminine touch.
Slowly, I closed my eyes and a moment later, I heard giggles.
I again paused my player. Yea, using mp3 players and really cool. Outsiders do not know if you are listening to songs or listening to them!
"You ask him" Kameez girl.
"No, you tell him; You look beautiful" t shirt girl. Yea, the latter part was right but what are they gonna ask me I wondered.
I kept silent although I knew they had something to share with me until the girl touched my hand to make me understand that she wants to say something.
"yes?" I said.
"um.. You tell" she turned to the other girl
"Hey, aah... er... If TT comes, we will say that you are our friend and we came here to talk with you and that our tickets are with other friends in S10"
I did not really get her concept but I liked the idea of being her friend, real or fake.
"Okay. No problem"
"Thank you... Thanks a lot"

But when TT came, she immediately said, "hey take care of our bags. We will be back shortly" and they left in a nano second. I was left there, like a watchman with two female bags.

They came back after 10 minutes and -
"We managed TT. Happys" she giggled.
"Thats good. How did you miss the other train?" I asked. Damn! What a fucking question! Of all, I better know how to miss a train especially the Hyderabad Express. I missed it a month back and I am asking a beautiful girl how she missed it as if missing trains is awesome.
"Hmm... Thats a big story" and she started taking her luggage.
"Where are you going?" I could not control my anxiety.
"Right there. We will sit on the top berth. Its vacant. We wont trouble you anymore"
"Its ok. I am not getting troubled..." but I was too late. She already put their bags on the top.
"What are you doing?" She asked.
"Err.. Listening to songs" I said.
"Hehe.. no no I meant what do you do? studies..?"
"oops. Engineering. Btech"
"Oh, where?"
"iit madras"
"Aaaweee. We are from Shaastra"
-end of conversation-
-end of incident-
-end of everything-

Shit. I hate being an iitian sometimes.

Whatever it is, a good start for the vacation - a good blog post.
Stay tuned.


rajeevloya said...

Oy lucky
Whenever I travel there will be no girl in the compartment only aunties
You should have done something man

ravi teja said...

what should I have done? ;)
BTW, this is the first time that stuff like this happened.
It started with Nanga going into Higginbothams to buy a novel and coming out with "Learn Tamil in 30 days" for his 30-day vacation;

Then I say "I need to take ticket printout" and VB says, "What if the printer is not working here?"
& Voila ! The printer was not working there!

I had to run outside the station and walk half a kilo meter to get the ticket printed and come back in rain.

After all this shit, these two girls entered.

As they say, good follows bad ;)

adhokshaj said...

abey oi ravi...
those girls came in my train by mistake... kachiguda department in sastra... lol... funny story... they were in egmore till 430 then i get a message "shit idi ma train kadu... we r so screwed"
lol seems like u had fun... as they say good follows bad...