Thursday, December 2, 2010

I`m watching Rakth charitra daily !

RGV strikes back ! 
After people spatting on him and his recent movies, our hero did not care. He came back with a movie which can be categorized into the "extra-ordinary" zone. 
Raktha Charitra

Firstly, this is a movie where you can hardly find anyone with poor acting performance. Rich screenplay and amazing music, forms the other striking features of RC. He breaks the conventional mode of showing the movie title at the beginning. There is an awesome 20 min clip before the actual title appears and the way he narrates how the history began is outstanding!

The background score involves you so much into the movie that you actually feel like killing someone you hate. RGV, with his awesome film making skills made other routine directors spat on themselves. The kind of hard work he did for making RC series is beyond imagination; He actually went to the criminal`s families, enquired about their lives, surroundings etc.,.
Vivek Oberoi - is shown immediately after the title, with "dorikithe chasthav" playing in the background. I really wonder how RGV actually imagined that merely showing a man riding a scooter in slow motion with such a song playing would give you goose bumps! Hats off sir!

Another legend in the movie - Kota; the way he moves to and fro (see again if you havent observed this) is again an RGV typical thought of vilan-ism. His slow and short dialogues are perfect ! Prathap (Vivek) killing the MLA Narasimha reddy was shot with perfection. A peaceful atmosphere was shown in his house, with his wife cooking food, Narasimha Reddy reading a newspaper, and other people outside the house. Suddenly, our hero enters in a zeep, kills him and leaves which supplements the level of rage he has been through since the previous scene (where he describes his anger and killing plan).

Bokka reddy watching the girl on fair & lovely banner on the road, the gang who kills him pushing the ball to the little boy playing with it etc., are the ideas which only a handful of directors can imagine. 

Coming to the so-called contraverseries, "screw media" is the best option to choose. Of course, RGV does that quite often. He had made some groundwork and wanted to show people a movie based on a true story. So, what is the problem with these people? After all, its a movie. Why do people care so much about it? just enjoy the music, screenplay, acting and direction.

RGVs guts are reflected much more when the trailer for RC-2 plays at the end of RC-1, even showing the rele1ase date. 
Waiting for RC-2


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