Sunday, December 19, 2010

No one is Legend !

If you are going to read this post, beware!
Certified - A
not for cowards, definitely.

Let me narrate you something that had happened in my past -

When I was in my VIII standard, I had to go to Delhi urgently; me & my Grandpa boarded the Rajdhani express. During our forward journey, there were so-called "devotees of God" who didnt care to give place to even my grandpa though there was some room, enough to accommodate one person was possible. They even used abusive language leave alone giving room. These theists who did not care to help an old man were headed to Tirupathi to seek the blessings of God. On our return journey, our coach was filled with Military men and they kindly helped both of us. One of them with whom I chatted for a long time, told me -
"Believe in yourself rather than in non-existent things like God. You will know what life is"
It was this very moment that I started thinking about the harsh realities in life.

Well, I do not claim that this is the incident that changed my life or something so emotional; however, it did have an impact on me and it was then that I started the habit of practical thinking.

There was once a huge traffic jam in nellore, my home town and nearly every vehicle in the vicinity of human eye was blocked. There was an ambulance which apparently needed to rush to the hospital to save a patient`s life and it was not in a position to move even an inch forward. The helpless driver and the patient`s relatives got down and literally begged for the clearance of blockage and guess what? The blockage was caused by a group of dancing people who brought their "GOD" onto the streets! Apart from this shit, their drum beats caused enough noise pollution to break the drums inside my ears.

Police entered the zone after a while and they gave up saying that they cannot interfere in "holy" issues. It was all cleared after nearly 2 hours and God knows the condition of the patient.

Some people say "mokku" I do not know the english version of this word. "If I get in top 10 in the exam, I will break 100 coconuts for you" - saying things like that is utter bullshit.
If you want to get placed in top 10, work your ass off. How can someone you never saw, you never know help you with that?! It is all in your hands. There are only 2 ways -
1. Work and succeed
2. Ignore and fail.
God doesnt care and let me tell you, he also cannot bear the tsunami of breaking 100 coconuts at once. One is more than enough.

It is your life after all, so lead it the way you want. If you let others like say "God" to enter it, you are not only spoiling your privacy but at the same time, you are accepting that you are a coward. Be a man! Wake up.
People only wear an Ayyappa costume because they are afraid of the consequences of their misdeeds and hope to seek mercy from God; & the worst part is - They feel that there is someone hearing their prayers and forgiving them while the fact always remains that this "someone" is non-existent, imaginary, hypothetical. Poor Bakthas.

People seek the blessings of God for whatever they do/going to do. Let me enlighten you - God doesnt give a fuck of what you do. Take blessings from your parents. No one else on this planet will wish for your good more than your parents.

If we come to swamijis, whoever believes in Puttaparthi Saibaba`s magic deeds, he is an ^$&*$. "He" here refers to both the performer and the audience. One day, he said that he would showcase himself to this world by making his face appear on the moon which drew huge crowds. Later that evening, he packed the idea saying that the "holy" day went cloudy and the moon may not be visible properly. What crap is that?
& Regarding the other swamijis in a similar profession, all I can say is - they are Jaffanandas.

I dont mind people worshiping God as long as it doesnt trouble others.
You may question - who the hell are you to say this?
Well, I am just this common man who gets disturbed by your act of worship.

See a god in your parents. See a god in your siblings; your teachers; in society; in talented people;
but dont see a god in GOD!

You can worship god to get peace of mind; but not at the cost of disturbing others` peace of mind!
Mind it!
@whoever feels this is crap - You know what? I cant see ignorance but I can sense it; Right now in fact!


dinesh said...

awesome post ra...
may i know the inspiration behind this one??

ravi teja said...

2dinesh - If love makes your life beautiful, one buzz post can make you write one blog post !

nithin said...

keka...echoing my thoughts too
My comment in the other buzz would suffice :P
probably one of the few posts where karthik hasn't commented :P

ravi teja said...

".... where karthik hasn't commented *yet :P"

karthik tsd said...

here it comes :D
Dude...You just don't generalize things here...Not all theists are same!!
The concept of God is so highly complicated and sacred. All the ways to worship him have a good intend behind them. But due to the ignorance of people and their inability to understand the intention, they have changed them from the way they are supposed to be, which actually is a reason for the birth of Atheists in this world!!
For example, take the case of people in Ayyappa costumes(as u called it so). The whole period they take up that, they are not supposed to do a wrong deed, never lie, never drink/smoke, and not even a bad thought should creep into their mind and etc. This is what being GOD is. This is one way found by our ancestors to keep the evil away from humans.
And there is a similar great intention behind every act until it is followed in a right way. Thats my point.
God is no hypothetical super power. It is nothing but all good and right things in this world.
I agree with to succeed and ignore to fail!! nothing can change this. Praying to god is nothing but reminding oneself about his goal and the work he has to put in to achieve that. But it never meant some supernatural power is going to help him. Its only the power in oneself!!
I could have explained the whole thing with better clarity if its not english.

ravi teja said...

Yay! & here comes one more essay from a herd of sheep :P

dynamicgayatri said...

very true Ravi....myself hv experienced ppl's hollow worship...they create chaos in name of "kirtan' 'jagrat' n all....n u knoe i hv tremendous experience on ds ...due to lack of tym i cannot pour evrytng here nithr on my blog i totally agree wd u esp ds line vch i kip sayin to my students ..
“See a god in your parents. See a god in your siblings; your teachers; in society; in talented people”
II myself nt an “ idol worhipper” nithr a religious person ...i belive in spiriruality ....i belive in d existence of God bt nt the hollow belive n hypocrisy of ppl...
My last Sunday Kolkata famous temple “ kalighat” ws really awful...the pundits r so greedy n they said “ give Rs.50 n i vl to gate the Drashan thru the VIP gate “ huh...
Business in the name of God ..

ravi teja said...

@above - great to have a female co-thinker now !
and Yea I forgot to add this in the post -
"All temples are becoming business enterprises" - By Prof. LSG, Department of Management Studies, iit madras who by the way is an atheist.

bladdy said...

awesome post dude. portrayed my thoughts exactly

ravi teja said...

Thank you!

Saptarshi said...

Awesome Ravi..! I never knew you think the same way i do..

ravi teja said...

@sap - thnks man! we \m/

swathi said...

Ravi, its been a long time I read your blog.. had been busy with work here..
I dont mind saying that this is the best post from you till now!
Totally agree with you!!!

ravi teja said...

Thanks a ton Swathi!

darth vader said...

I believe the concept of God was created to instill a feeling of hope in man. To use the feeling of fear to keep control of things and to prevent disorder. However, with time, as all good things have come to an end, so has this evolved into a modern day practice involving corruption, power struggle, commercialization, following blind practices,etc.. which are in fact harming it and are going against the concept of God rather than aiding it.

ravi teja said...

@darth vader - true.

karthik tsd said...

And forgot to mention something...
Just be brave enough to follow what you believe!! Don't do things contradicting your heart and belief!! I know many who say GOD is crap and there is nothing called GOD, but i see them visit temples, worship GOD, and doing other related stuff...I really don't understand why the heck they do that :P
thats being real coward!!

ravi teja said...

@above - If u r talking about my or rather our visit to temple on my bday, that was the first time that I visited a temple all by myself. There are 2 reasons for it.
1. I wanted to see what experience do I get by doing so; result - useless
2. I cannot state in public. Very personal.

You do not know how much I stand for my idea. In Nellore, our house is located right next to a Venkateshwara swamy temple and I have never visited during my entire stay there! Bloody 6 years.

karthik tsd said... ra!! :)
i never meant about you or intend to hurt you...sorry if u felt so :)
i was referring at things in general.. :)

ravi teja said...

Lol.. me being hurt by your comments!? Never.

xlnc said...

brilliant post. :)

ravi teja said...

@above - thank you; may I know who this is..

vckrishna said...

nice one ra

ravi teja said...

thanks dude!

shashank said...

Just saw this again , and it seems that LSG is no longer an atheist, if he ever was , especially with all the comments he has been making these days .