Saturday, January 29, 2011

My profile...

Before IIT

After IIT
Name: Ravi teja
Name: Electric Dick

Age: X yrs (X=(that year – 1990))
Age: Did you mean sex?

Sex: Male
Sex: Gay

Aim: Mechanical Engineer
Aim: Graphic Designer

Hobbies: Graphic Design
Hobbies: Mechanical engineering

Girl Friends: No

Girl Friends: Never

GayFriends: You repeated the question!

GayFriends: yes.
Watches: movies
Watches: movies and Porn.

Position in class: Last bench
Position in class: When did I go to class anyway?

CGPA: Whaattt ??
CGPA: No, for God`s sake! Don’t ask that

View on Marriage: Love mostly
View on Marriage: Again, did you mean sex?

Which college? Institute of Indian Technology (sadly)
Ok.  (used to face the book)
Yea, twitter and buzz as well.

Friends, by the way, I started a geek humor website taking help from three of my friends (mechanical engineers again) at iit. Our site is called "The nerdvana" and you can check it out here

Hope you like it :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Basic Differences between Shaastra and Saarang

Shaastra is white
Saarang is black
Footfall around 20k
Footfall around 50k
19.9k are geeks
25k are hot and single chicks; the other 25k are couples
Kasa participates
Kasa says, “time waste fest”
Publicity is absolutely important
Publicity is important
Robots dance
Humans dance
Rockshow: Monkeys throw stones at humans
Rockshow: Bands like POS, Opeth perform at OAT
Number of core committee members are finite
The number reaches infinity