Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When your day is messed up...

Here goes another &*#! day of my life - 

After a 4 hour sleep, I attended the B slot quiz only to see that it’s a guinness book of world records contest and not a quiz meant for engineering students. Correctly answering one out of the four questions given will surely make you a topper!
Naturally frustrated by that question paper, I went to C slot and slept.

Since D slot was free, I went to academic section to check with the problem of registration with my minor course. 

“You have not registered for your minor course. Get a letter signed by the concerned faculty that you are a part of his course and that you have been attending classes from the beginning of this semester; I will take care of the rest” the fat lady at the Btech desk said with a pride. 
 I wondered what rest will she take care of. 
And I doubt if I my prof knew that I am a part of his course. She gave such a big procedure probably because she can atleast get job satisfaction by doing something. 
After all, she was in a position of screwing up students lives, equivalent to dean? May be.

Then came E slot – It is a Wyndor Glass problem, always.
Madam announced names of those teams that did mistakes in an assignment given long back, that was already conveniently forgotten. Yes, our team, The Nerdvana got placed in that list.

During lunch time, my cold got severe and nose blocked to such an extent that using mouth was my only option to take in oxygen. Cough, Headache, mild fever etc. followed, making me stick to my bed.

I slept from 12.30 to 7.30 pm and woke up to realize that I missed my minor class for which we were supposed to give presentations. Fuck!

Helpless, I opened my analytics account for and found that hits were miserably low compared to the previous day. I had to post something and didn’t put much fight for it. I posted a comic similar to one of my previous posts, just to keep it updated.
I was in a NKWTD syndrome. I remembered G slot project presentation that we were supposed to give and just modeled and rendered a product in half an hour, and I still wonder why I did that because the presentations were already finished.

I went online and my minor team mate, Abhinay Sali pinged and said “Our pulley pulled our legs” which meant our team screwed it up badly.

“Did we score the least in the class?” I asked sadly.

“indeed” he replied.

I was dumbstruck. I never scored least in any class. Yes, so there is a first for everything.

I checked time and it was almost 9 pm, which meant I cant go to mess. So, I had to spend money, though in financial crisis, on food, in Basera, with Pratheesh. 

Then an old friend of mine called. I didn’t remember his name; hell – he asked me to find out!

Last and the worst, Google adsense rejected my proposal for placing ads in my site saying that it is in beginning stages and ads can be placed only if the site is old enough to meet their requirements.

Phew, I am not able to sleep as well.

I put an unnecessary night out writing this. At 5 AM, I woke up Pratheesh to remind him of his promise of accompanying me to tea at tarams. He gave hand.

I badly needed tea to cure my headache physically and mentally. I went alone, for the first time!

NKWTD, I am posting this.
I am back to my American Psycho days!

I now remember RK Narayan`s words – “Life goes on, come what may”
Hmm, I feel better now.

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