Friday, March 11, 2011

The Nerdvana - Story so far...

Whatever Kasa described about The Nerdvana and its creator(s) in this post, hardly matters now. We started off a website. It is up and is running successfully no matter what it contains, whosoever is responsible for its adult content.

As Kasa says " Its is a result of his joblessness, multiplied with his creativity and added to a desperate desire to irritate his ex-girl friend. Well, Finally he was successful in his attempts." where it refers to The Nerdvana and he refers to me.
Yes, I am successful in my attempts except that my aim is not to irritate my ex-girlfriend because no such soul exists. 

So, why did I start Nerdvana?
  • I wanted FAME.
  • I didn`t want to still depend on my dad for my daily necessities. In other words, I needed MONEY.
  • I was jobless. 
  • I wanted to do something unique.
  • I turned into a nerd lately.
  • I am so enthused in comics and art that my class notes are filled more with doodles than actual notes.
  • I had a software engineer brother who is willing to buy a domain, hosting or whatever shit that is needed for a website.

So, all these combined together created The Nerdvana, a geeky webcomic that quenches your thirst for humor.

I was a bit skeptical about the desired success of The Nerdvana. I wanted to grow to the level of xkcd. So, I thought partnership would be a better option. And the first person that struck my mind was Kasa Siva Rajesh. 
If Big Bang theory : Sheldon Cooper, then iit madras : Kasa Siva Rajesh.

To put it simply, he is nerd maxxx. 

He gave a kick start with a note pad file that had some 15 ideas. All were brilliant.
"How the hell do you get such awesome ideas man?" I asked him and he replied "I copied from net."
It took a day to explain him the importance of the originality and this project as a whole.
He was convinced and came up with some 4-5 original ideas that were great and were already published in

"So, what are you going to name your site?" He questioned.
"Hell-yes, I should think of it. Can you suggest something?" I asked.
After a day or two, he came up with "NERDVANA", and I liked it instantly. It represents extreme geekdom, very apt in our context.

However, the domain nerdvana . com was not available. So, we named it

Then, we needed a web developer to create our site. We hired Nithya who is good at infinite web languages and as we said in our Geek Peek page, she writes web codes faster than her class notes. 
Due to some unavoidable reasons, we were not able to make a original template and code it in jhoomla which we planned initially. So, unable to control my nerve, I started off with a wordpress theme.

"Lets take Nithin" suggested Kasa.
"But why do we need him?"
"He is awesome"
"what work will he do?"

So, Nithin became our chief editor, I still do not know what is that supposed to mean.
And, we were a 4 member team then.

Thus, our first comic was up on 23rd January, 2011. As expected, we did not bother about the day/time being auspicious to launch. Common! we are nerds.

After posting 3 comics, I was so high on nerdvana that I mailed the Legend Spiked Math, about our site and requested that if it can included in "Top Math Comics" column in his site. I got an instant response saying that The Nerdvana is donig well and our big achievement came early. 
The Nerdvana is featured as the 13th best comic strip on Spiked Math!
Thank you, Mike.

Then came Abhinay Sali into the picture. When we were asked to design a purse in our minor course, he designed something and something else came out of it. That developed into an amazing idea and I made a post out of it in The Nerdvana, of course, giving him due credit. The post is a censored one, so I am not naming it. (Ah, now you get it!)

"You just need to wait for good results" is something that I always believe and -

The Nerdvana till March 9th -

The Nerdvana after one day -

After being 1 and half month old, I felt as if I am the only one in our team contributing to our site. Character ideation and creation, making the comics, Purchase of Domain and Hosting, Website design and maintenance, publicity etc. are being done by me. Except for a very few ideas, my friends are not contributing much. And worst of all, my "improve this" mails are getting unusually late responses from `em. Therefore, I finally fired them yesterday with a hope that I could continue the site alone! I lately realized that Sole Proprietorship is a better option for a person like me.

Let us see what happens now.
P.S. - @Kasa and Nithin - This is purely related to The Nerdvana and only The Nerdvana. 
Everything else between us remains the same. Sorry for firing you, but I had to.


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Alagappan said...

Well. You haven't actually fired them until you remove their bio from your site's Geek Peek.

ravi teja said...

I did change the Geek Peek.
Check out!