Monday, June 27, 2011

I am the number Zero.

If people were numbers, the ideal life partner for anyone would be the "number Zero".


Zero is neither positive nor negative. It lies perfectly in between all the positive and negative numbers. It occupies the holy neutral place! This implies that the Zero person would be a balanced person in life weighing all positives and negatives equally, leading a neutral life. 

Zero added to or subtracted from any number would leave the number unchanged. This means, the Zero person will not interfere with your space and allows you to be the same person you are. He/she does not impose any restrictions for the things you do! 

The result when any number is multiplied with Zero is Zero. That is, the Zero person does not easily change his/her character whatever the situation might be. Many incidents in life are unavoidable and unexpected. To always maintain a consistent character is indeed an awesome quality and the Zero person has it in loads! (The largest number x 0 = 0 !)

Zero doesnt have any "value" assigned to it. So, the Zero has a pure heart. 
Zero is a placeholder. It carries you life long.

Now, one may think that Zero is boring. Well, Zero does give surprises! (0! = 1; Division by 0 is not infinite - it is indefinite! ;  0/0 = ?? ;  0^0 = ??  are some of them)

Zero is the perfect match for anyone. I am number zero.