Monday, September 12, 2011

Bang banged Khabba, Khabba banged Bang

"Bang banged Khabba, Khabba banged Bang"

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Hi! Welcome to Ganga Hostel's IIT Madras......the home of  Gangasters. To the Gangaster, Ganga hostel is more than just a hostel. It is a second home, an identity, and to some, even a religion!

The charm of IIT life lies in the hostel life. This is where the journey of life begins, this is where the students who enter as individualistic mug-pots get the hang of living in the real world.

It is here that Ganga Hostel, which has a glorious history makes a difference. Ganga Hostel has an outstanding record in SchroeterTechsoc and  Lit-Soc. There is fierce pride about this and great efforts are taken to maintain that coveted status. The culture of competition and winning is imbibed into the hostelites by making them aware of this tradition and working for it. Passionate intra hostel competitions can be seen as well as frequent fundae sessions. Every hostelite is eager to contribute in some way or the other and thus the baton of success is carried forward. 

Even after all this, there is always the time for the corridor "fart" sessions, the hurried fundae sessions with friends before the exam, and cribs about life in general.
Ultimately, a lifelong bond and memories to cherish -  that's what GANGA is all about.

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