Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hostel & Life.

1. It is not your sink

Daily morning, most of us brush our teeth. These days, I see some freshies using the bathroom sink as if they own it! Let me elaborate this with a typical case example. I go with a toothbrush and toothpaste to the sink at 7:25 AM, hoping to get the job done by 7:30 AM. When I go there, all I see is a freshie cleaning his toothbrush, applying paste and brushing his teeth left, right, up and down. There is nothing wrong with the procedure but it is the place that bothers me. He does all that stuff standing right in front of the sink without giving a fuck about the person waiting behind him. Let me remind you my friend, it is not your home sink. We are living in a community and we should optimize our living conditions for the well-being of everyone. Not that the other person waiting (in this case, me) cannot ask him to stand back for a while. That`s not the point here. If we keep making such requests, one might assume that whatever one is doing is not wrong and hence will not even try to think of its wrongness. Ethics, we call it. Moreover, you may argue that I should have woken up early if I was so much concerned about time. That again, is not the point here. Someone else might be present instead of this freshie at that time, who knows.

Why can`t everyone do this - Clean your brush, come back and complete the cleaning job. Go back to the sink and do gargling, tongue cleaning, cleaning your brush again and there you go! You have not only saved 3 minutes of others` lives but you can also stare at Deepika Padukone`s picture in the newspaper while you brush.

2. There are people behind you in a queue

Introduction of Food courts has revolutionized the way IIT(M)ians eat. In Food court, we stand in a queue, swipe our cards one by one and place our orders. A good procedure, I agree. However, the problem again is with the attitude of people. The person who is placing the order will start thinking of his order only by the time he reaches the billing machine. Until then, he keeps talking about all sorts of things in the world expect the immediate next thing which is what he is gonna eat for the day. What about the person-2 standing behind him? Person-1 doesnt give a damn, nor does person-2 himself. Sometimes, person-7 or 8 also doesnt care. When it goes beyond that, say I am the person-10; I get pissed off. Why cant anyone decide his order while standing in the queue? Our Objective function is to Minimize the time required for an activity, subject to so and so constraints. Optimization, I always say and try to follow.

3. Clean the toilets

Moving onto hygiene which is a very important segment of human life; 
Everyone is expected to leave the toilets clean after easing themselves to create a good environment. The bathrooms should be accessed in a first come-first serve basis. Tools or equipment used should be disposed of as well. I mean, personal effects like soap, combs and creams should be cleared after use. More importantly, junta should avoid leaving the sink basin dirty with stuff like hair or split toothpaste.
When brushing our teeth, everyone is expected to use the sink and not the main bathroom to avoid staining of the bathroom floor and walls. However, in case of emergencies like only one sink is working and there are already 3 people waiting to clean the dirt off their teeth and you have an interview scheduled, this particular action can be tolerated.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Word play

Letters, Words, they way we write them, everything conveys certain meaning. An expression. In this post, I want to share some of the things which I personally observed and found true in most of the cases be it chats, emails, blogs, e-articles etc. The way you read a text in your mind changes based on the format of the text. Here are some examples.

1. Let us begin with the well-known concept first. Using Capital letters indicates shouting many a times. For instance, FUCK YOU! has more impact than fuck you! When you actually read a sentence, you read and analyze each word in your brain i.e. you read out loud inside your body though not audible to the outside world. So, if you read both fuck you and FUCK YOU, your inner voice will be stronger when you read the latter. Another example would be as follows. 
A mail from your manager may end with "... I want to get this done ASAP"  by which he is trying to shout at you virtually that he needs the work to be done as soon as possible!

2. One liners - People whose tweets or status messages are written in complete words and end with full stop have something to say to the world. Ending a complete sentence with a full stop especially in a one-liner adds a serene and bold expression to your sentence. Simplest sentences are often the best tweets. You make it clear to your audience about the idea depicted in your tweet. 
"Design is creative, so are we." - Something like this.

3. People who post things like "gt a nw pet!! i luv her :) :) :)" are useless. They have nothing great about themselves. 

4. Italics - "I did so & so, in a very similar way as he did" has more emphasis on 'doing it similar' as compared to "I did so & so, in a very similar way as he did". Sometimes, it adds a virtual "very" to the already existing real "very". 

There are a lot more and will be posted in near future!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some incidents are never forgotten

It was just another evening and I was riding back to home from college on my recently purchased Pulsar 220. By the time I reach the third junction, I usually take a left and then right and enter into a slum. Yes, because its a shortcut.

Today was no different. I took that shortcut and was slowly raising the accelerator on that road which was small enough to provide room for not more than one car. Far away, I saw three kids in school uniform walking on the left side of the road. I did not think too much about them and raised my accelerator again. When I was nearing them, two guys crossed the road. The third was a girl and I thought she was waiting for me to go ahead so that she can peacefully cross and join them. Just at the moment when my bike`s front tyre, the two boys and the girl were collinear, she jumped and attempted to cross the road. I was horrified and immediately applied breaks. She fell down near my feet. The two boys rushed to get her up. I was in absolute shock. I felt some noise in my back and turned around to see a bunch of slum people with rods in their hands running towards me - Definitely, to attack me. I didnt know what to do. I moved my head up and there came another shock. The sight of Patrol Police van with 4 cops made me dumb. I lost my mind. 

With Slum people ready to attack on my back, Cops ready to do the same on my front, a girl with negligible injury crying as if she was going to die near my foot, I switched off my brain and raised the accelerator, took a turn and escaped. Or, that was what I thought. After taking 7-8 turns, I felt like a hero escaping from the furious mob. I made a mistake. I felt some light being reflected from my bike mirror and turned back to find the police van chasing me! I never thought their car would actually fit in these streets! Horrified, Petrified and fucked, I rushed through the streets randomly and aimlessly. My only goal was to escape. I felt like a ninja. I remembered all the action movies and realized that there are times in life which are just like those scenes they show in the movies. 

Next big shock was not far ahead. In fact, nothing was ahead when I took a wrong turn. It was a dead end. DEAD END, literally apt for my situation. Knowing that I could do nothing, I turned off the bike and got down. Four seconds later, the police car stopped and two cops got down. 

There were no words. One came and took away the bike. The other came and hit me hard on my ear. Then on my nose. Then everywhere on my head. 6 times. 
He dragged me and threw me into the van and closed all the doors. It was pitch dark. A few minutes later, I got down at the police station and was put in lock up. There was a black stout rowdy in my jail looking seriously at me. 
There were no words.

It was complete black out for me. I am a college student. I study engineering. What on earth am I doing in this dark room with a dark guy staring at me suspiciously? I went unconscious for about half an hour and then asked the nearest man in khaki dress for a mobile phone. (The guy who beat me took away my phone if I remember correctly)
This person was kind enough to give me his phone and also advised me to call my dad. 
Dad is not the perfect choice if you have an elder brother. I immediately called my Infosys-brother and explained him the tragic story in short. He rushed to the station with lot of cash to be given to the damaged parties. Well, the police (van driver) asked him to go to the hospital first and pay the required amount to the girls family. They charged Rs.7000/- for an injury that did not even require stitches. Another 4k went into various kaakhi pockets. 
I was released after all the financial transactions.
"My bike?" I asked in almost a dead voice.
"Come and take it on Sunday" came the reply.

One hell of a day. I managed saying a stupid story to my mom and thankfully, my dad is out of station.

- An incident that happened to a dear friend of mine, , who lives in Shivam Road, Hyderabad and studies electrical engineering in MVSR college of engineering. He narrated this whole story to me on the night of the same day, sitting in the Sai Baba temple bus stop at 11:30 PM. Believe me, I was terrified to ride back home after this sitting, though it was just 2 minutes away, as I spotted a police van nearby.

This post is dedicated to him, who by the way, got placed in Infosys :)