Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hostel & Life.

1. It is not your sink

Daily morning, most of us brush our teeth. These days, I see some freshies using the bathroom sink as if they own it! Let me elaborate this with a typical case example. I go with a toothbrush and toothpaste to the sink at 7:25 AM, hoping to get the job done by 7:30 AM. When I go there, all I see is a freshie cleaning his toothbrush, applying paste and brushing his teeth left, right, up and down. There is nothing wrong with the procedure but it is the place that bothers me. He does all that stuff standing right in front of the sink without giving a fuck about the person waiting behind him. Let me remind you my friend, it is not your home sink. We are living in a community and we should optimize our living conditions for the well-being of everyone. Not that the other person waiting (in this case, me) cannot ask him to stand back for a while. That`s not the point here. If we keep making such requests, one might assume that whatever one is doing is not wrong and hence will not even try to think of its wrongness. Ethics, we call it. Moreover, you may argue that I should have woken up early if I was so much concerned about time. That again, is not the point here. Someone else might be present instead of this freshie at that time, who knows.

Why can`t everyone do this - Clean your brush, come back and complete the cleaning job. Go back to the sink and do gargling, tongue cleaning, cleaning your brush again and there you go! You have not only saved 3 minutes of others` lives but you can also stare at Deepika Padukone`s picture in the newspaper while you brush.

2. There are people behind you in a queue

Introduction of Food courts has revolutionized the way IIT(M)ians eat. In Food court, we stand in a queue, swipe our cards one by one and place our orders. A good procedure, I agree. However, the problem again is with the attitude of people. The person who is placing the order will start thinking of his order only by the time he reaches the billing machine. Until then, he keeps talking about all sorts of things in the world expect the immediate next thing which is what he is gonna eat for the day. What about the person-2 standing behind him? Person-1 doesnt give a damn, nor does person-2 himself. Sometimes, person-7 or 8 also doesnt care. When it goes beyond that, say I am the person-10; I get pissed off. Why cant anyone decide his order while standing in the queue? Our Objective function is to Minimize the time required for an activity, subject to so and so constraints. Optimization, I always say and try to follow.

3. Clean the toilets

Moving onto hygiene which is a very important segment of human life; 
Everyone is expected to leave the toilets clean after easing themselves to create a good environment. The bathrooms should be accessed in a first come-first serve basis. Tools or equipment used should be disposed of as well. I mean, personal effects like soap, combs and creams should be cleared after use. More importantly, junta should avoid leaving the sink basin dirty with stuff like hair or split toothpaste.
When brushing our teeth, everyone is expected to use the sink and not the main bathroom to avoid staining of the bathroom floor and walls. However, in case of emergencies like only one sink is working and there are already 3 people waiting to clean the dirt off their teeth and you have an interview scheduled, this particular action can be tolerated.


sandeep said...

Dude whats up? .. i expected some funny stuff on your blog :)

ravi teja said...

My blog is not always the same.