Thursday, October 13, 2011

Word play

Letters, Words, they way we write them, everything conveys certain meaning. An expression. In this post, I want to share some of the things which I personally observed and found true in most of the cases be it chats, emails, blogs, e-articles etc. The way you read a text in your mind changes based on the format of the text. Here are some examples.

1. Let us begin with the well-known concept first. Using Capital letters indicates shouting many a times. For instance, FUCK YOU! has more impact than fuck you! When you actually read a sentence, you read and analyze each word in your brain i.e. you read out loud inside your body though not audible to the outside world. So, if you read both fuck you and FUCK YOU, your inner voice will be stronger when you read the latter. Another example would be as follows. 
A mail from your manager may end with "... I want to get this done ASAP"  by which he is trying to shout at you virtually that he needs the work to be done as soon as possible!

2. One liners - People whose tweets or status messages are written in complete words and end with full stop have something to say to the world. Ending a complete sentence with a full stop especially in a one-liner adds a serene and bold expression to your sentence. Simplest sentences are often the best tweets. You make it clear to your audience about the idea depicted in your tweet. 
"Design is creative, so are we." - Something like this.

3. People who post things like "gt a nw pet!! i luv her :) :) :)" are useless. They have nothing great about themselves. 

4. Italics - "I did so & so, in a very similar way as he did" has more emphasis on 'doing it similar' as compared to "I did so & so, in a very similar way as he did". Sometimes, it adds a virtual "very" to the already existing real "very". 

There are a lot more and will be posted in near future!

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