Monday, November 21, 2011

Hard Disk failure - more damaging that heart failure

When you experience the worst, you can experience any damn thing that comes in your way.

I am probably being too optimistic by recalling the above sentence. Life is playing hard on me. Problems occur to humans, not to trees - people say; but what occurred to me are not just problems. They are atom bombs, hydrogen or nuclear or whichever is most powerful. 

Over the past few years, I dedicated myself to various activities such as Graphic design, Photography, Academics, Placements etc. but never did I face so much trouble as within the last 1 week. Reason?
My Hard disk crashed.

Yes, you`ve heard it right. "You are not your hard disk" Kasa tried to console me, going the Fight club way. But, he doesn`t know that I am indeed my hard disk.
For a creative person, all his effort lies in his computer`s memory more than his own. I am not saying I am a creative person but at least I am trying to be one. I can no more show up some design and say it is mine unless I show the source file of it. Where are the source files? in my hard disk and where is the hard disk? Crashed.

Recently, I started learning Photography. Well, I did upload some pics on my FB profile but there are lot more creative ones hidden deep inside my hard disk. I wanted to share them with the world when the time comes. For example, with a tripod stand I clicked tube light and fan with shutter speeds varying from 1/3200 second to 15 seconds, and made the pics into a video and the result - a beauty and where is the beauty? In my hard disk and where is the hard disk? Crashed.

B.Tech Project - Infinite fight put in recently to develop two contact problems in Ansys. For one, a matlab code was also written. I pissed my ass off for doing these problems and all of them went into trash along with the hard disk.

3D Models - Animating a car scene - my dream. I was close enough and made a 15 second teaser for my upcoming short animation of a self-modeled, textured, animated and rendered Bugatti Veyron. It took 15 days to complete the teaser. Since I wasnt much satisfied, I waited for some free time to beautify it before showing it to the world. But, my hard disk did not wait.

Apart from these, there are many other files that went into pavilion because of the hard disk crash causing a huge loss of time and effort. For instance, I wrote a book of 110 pages, dreaming of becoming another Chetan Bhagat but now? I am the forever alone guy.

Now, this post is not to say that I had all great things hidden in my laptop and now, I am all alone. This is to stress that our lives these days are no longer in our control. It all depends on the machine in front of you right now. It can make your life or break your life. 

The fact that I am writing this post in the midst of infinite tasks and deadlines ahead (placements, Multibody Dynamics assignment - the thing that decides E or U grade in that course for me, Desto Creative Solutions, end semesters), show how much I miss my hard disk. I feel like giving up in life, but yes, probably Kasa was right. I am not my hard disk. It was me who created all the files in it. So, why cant I do them again? Put night outs in December vacation? Seems legit.

Please go and immediately create a back up of your files. I have to restart my life from scratch.


Mishel said...

GRT, you might be able to get the data recovered if you take it to an expert...

Kasa said...

Watch Fight Club!!

ravi teja said...

@mishel - done that; The repair guy also gave up

@kasa - doing that...

Hard disk Failure said...

I love you post title haha. I agree with you. Hard disk failure is same like heart failure. Only good surgeons can safe life :)