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90s was the era!

I strongly believe that creativity matters a lot in shaping up one`s life. Being born in 90s, I always feel lucky because of the fact that I grew up in a decade that has revolutionized the meaning of creativity! 
90s was the decade where art, music, cinema, dance, cartoons, video games, songs, literature have seen the peaks in terms of creativity. This world has seen amazing contributions from brilliant artists, composers, gaming companies, filmmakers, cartoonists and the like. No doubt that this has been declining since the start of the new millennium. The first 10 years of a child is very important in shaping up his/her future. Being a 90s kid, I am loving that!

I want to share some of my views on this topic in various fields that interested me from my childhood.

Books: Tinkle, Chandamama & Chachachowdary defined my reading habits. Had there been no Tinkle in my childhood, I am sure I wouldn`t be the same person that I am today. Be it Suppandi or Tantri the Mantri or Shikari Shambu or Nasruddin Hodja or Ramu and Shamu, I loved every bit of Tinkle Digest. I even sent 2 jokes and 1 it-happened-to-me article which got published. Chacha chowdary and his assistant Sabu, the alien from Jupiter - an awesome combination of mental and physical strengths to solve any problem that comes in their way."Chacha chowdary`s brain works faster than a computer" creates nostalgia. 

Songs: "Yayire Yayire" from "Rangeela" that came out in 1995 is a masterpiece movie song. The song talks about a girl who just gets a chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a heroine. Beautifully composed by A.R. Rehman, the legend combined with awesome lyrics and brilliant dance steps by Urmila Mantondkar makes this song one of my all time favorites.

 "Oorvasi Oorvasi", another song from the movie "premikudu" which again came out in the same year (1995) is yet another jaw dropping creation by the same Maestro. "Takeeteesy policy" is conveyed in this song with a simple tune that every one can hum quite easily. There are infinite other songs composed by Illayaraja, the music guru of India which will mesmerize your brain like never before! Listen to this song and try to disagree with me!

When we look at the present day songs, they are shit. Pure shit. Music dominates the lyrics. Infinite instruments are being used which just spoils the beauty of what a song is. 

Cartoons: I guess there is no 90s kid who grew up without knowing at least one of these characters - Tom & Jerry (no words to speak about its awesomeness), Powerpuff girls, Lion King (EPIC story), Scooby dooby doo, Swat cats, Popeye the sailor man (I know you are humming the title track now), Johny Bravo, Johny Quest, Dexter and many others. Creativity is maximum in all these cartoons. The 21st Century cartoons are not as brilliant as the 90s cartoons. Most of the shows are just dropped; I dont know why!
If they still telecast some of these, I would love to watch them again. I mean, com`on! do you ever get an idea to create a cartoon show where all the characters are cats? Your two protagonists are 1 thin cat and 1 fat cat - each of them expert in driving bike and plane respectively to save the city? Mind blowing music for the introductory video? I used to watch this right after I come from school :)

Dance: Micheal Jackson, this one word laid the foundation for what people understand as "dance" today. He redefined dance and created a whole new genre called "Pop". In fact, he wrote, composed, danced and released albums! Fucking awesome. Dance these days is just a flexible hero doing waves. One asshole holds his hand, the hero will go down and come up waving his butts and people are clapping. Disgusting!

Movies: 90s movies - the most important thing to talk about is "Script" which I think no one in the present day world cares about. Take the movie Nayakudu directed by ManiRatnam starring Kamal Hassan.  Read the plot in the wikipedia page here -

I bet you would cry after watching this movie. There are infinite movies in the 90s whose story makes most of the modern script writers complete dumb fuckers. Also, no one can make a comedy film better than Jhandyala!

More than 50% of telugu movies now-a-days fall into one of these categories - 

1. The hero is an asshole. However, heroine loves him just because she is heroine. There are problems between two villages. Our hero will solve them and also ultimately marry the heroine.
2. There is a big don somewhere overseas. He has large number of local mafia working under him in India. Hero makes them goats and wins over the big don in the climax. Heroine just flashes by a couple of times, sheds clothes and romances with the hero for no particular reason. Of course, we will have an item song inserted arbitrarily somewhere in the 3 hr. duration. 
3. Meaningless love between hero and heroine; No story; Issues with parents; unreal college incidents; finally marriage.

Video games: Games, though started to pick up only in the 90s were immensely addictive during this period, way more than what they are now. The difficulty levels have drastically reduced over the years while graphics followed the reverse trend. Most importantly, game-play of a video game is like script of a movie. If it is screwed up, the game is a flop for sure.
Take NFS. NFS 2 which I played in my III standard, in fact, the first video game I ever played - laid the seeds of my interest in cars as such. The latest NFS games are also good but not as addictive as these golden oldies. Moreover, there is no real 'need for speed' in these latest games. A few more games I played in my childhood that implemented the seeds of imagination inside my mind - Diablo, Blood, Duke Nukem, Mafia, GTA 3, Quake II, Tomb Raider III, Prince of Persia (the old 2D one!), Tekken III etc. etc. etc.
If I do not mention the older TV Video games Mario, Contra, Super Contra, Super Mario, Double Dragon, Tank, Tetris, Alkanoid etc., then I am not doing justice to this post!

Gone are the good old days; I have to get along with the shit.

P.S. - I do agree that there are worst things in the 90s and best things in the modern era in all fields. However, the ratio of good:bad things matters! 

Also note that by saying 90s I don`t exactly mean the period from 1990-2000. Everything I am talking here is a grayscale.

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