Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Krishna Gate Diaries

I have not updated my blog for a long time and my recent early morning activity pulled me out of my laziness to write this particular post. Well, what is the activity? 

4.30 AM
I hear a knock on my door. I am either asleep and put an alarm or I stay awake. In either case, I hear the knock. It could be either Pratheesh or Abhiram.
"Will ya come?" he asks.
"Of course" I would say.

Your teeth are not dirty at that time, at least not so dirty that you cannot eat anything. I dont care what I am wearing to cover my body. I dont even care about my hair style which is usually messed up. Why should I care? Who on earth will watch me at that time? I convince myself and get on with my laziness; as if people will notice me in broad daylight! No one on this earth will give a fuck about what you wear or how you appear. It is all temporary. It is your brain that matters.

I lock my door and start off on a long walk to Krishna gate with Pratheesh and Abhiram. The early morning fog will have its effect on us. But, we start to like it. There are no vehicles that make terrible noises. There are no monkeys that irritate you. Well, there are dogs though. Of course, they would not bark at you. A group of dogs just lay on the road not giving a single fuck about who is passing by. When you reach near Brahms hostel, the mystical peepul tree elevates the moody atmosphere. Large number of dried leaves lay down near the root of the tree. I sometimes feel, what if a snake suddenly pops out?
More importantly, there are no people.

"When nearly 98% of our peer group is asleep, why on earth are we walking so long to eat Pongal-Vada at this time?" Pratheesh questions. A genuine question indeed.
"It is not about hunger or distance." I would recall the fight club dialogue and spoof it.
"It is about Pongal" Abhiram confirms.

Not everyone can really become a member of Pongal department. We are a different clan altogether. I mean, there was Nithin who tried the other day. We warned him that he is really not that type, the type that thinks about world issues at 4.30 AM eating Pongal-Vada. Nithin wouldn`t listen.
"If this is your first day at Pongal department, you have to put treat" I told him and he didnt obey.
After eating a plate of Pongal-vada, he orders Idly.
One does not simply order Idly after Pongal. 
Pratheesh says, "You have to agree Nithin, atleast now that you are not fit for Pongal department."
I think he did agree for, he was absent from the next day.

Pongal-Vada is followed by a cup of Tea and may be a samosa that supplements the tea. Pratheesh and Abhiram smokes a cigarette. I dont. May be because I dont like the smell. I sit away from smoke they release which eventually mixes up with the early morning fog.

I am still not yet a board member of Pongal department but I can see that I have a good future in it. This is my last semester at IIT and I am feeling good because of this group.

It is not that we are hungry and hence go to that place. It is a feeling. It is a habit. Just like how you bath, we go to Krishna gate and eat Pongal. It really isnt about anything. It was there, from beginning. We just gave it a name - The Pongal Department.


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